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I have made a leak down/pop off tester... kinda. The problem is that it leaks back through the valve stem and/or the tire pump I use to air it up leaks. which is not good for a leak down test. For those that have made homemade leak testers what pumps work best and what keeps air from going back through the stem? I have looked for check valves and I haven't found any?

(I know I need to get a lower psi gauge, this was the only one at the hardware store)

Thanks in advance :)


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You should have a Schrader valve just like on a tire on the Tee fitting that you are putting air into.
This is the Schrader valve I have. I think the valve that I have sticks sometimes because after I messed with it I got it to not leak pressure back. But I leak tested the leak tester and of course the leak tester leaks. Around every fitting on the T it leaked a little even after I wrenched them down as hard as I could. I don't know what would cause them all to leak through the tape even but I will probably try to make another one.


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