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    Leak Down Test

    I have made a leak down/pop off tester... kinda. The problem is that it leaks back through the valve stem and/or the tire pump I use to air it up leaks. which is not good for a leak down test. For those that have made homemade leak testers what pumps work best and what keeps air from going back...
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    96 Xp 787 hard to start then bogs. POP the choke and it pick up and go fast.

    Hello I have a 1996 Xp with the 787 Dual carb RAVE engine. I bought it used and was sitting for 2 years before. I did alot of work to it listed below, but this is the problems I had after all my work and finally got it out to a lake. It is hard to start when cold and then bogs and dies when...