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    96 GTI 717 Tuning

    Just finished a top end rebuild of my 717 and replaced rotary valve and cover. I also completely rebuilt the fuel and oil system, including replacing grey fuel lines with mpi grade fuel injection (black lines), all filters inline, rebuilt carbs with osd return to oem kit, and rebuilt the fuel...
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    Leak Down Test

    I have made a leak down/pop off tester... kinda. The problem is that it leaks back through the valve stem and/or the tire pump I use to air it up leaks. which is not good for a leak down test. For those that have made homemade leak testers what pumps work best and what keeps air from going back...
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    HX Carb rebuild done. Now having a problem with gas flowing when I close the butterflys

    So...I have two new (old) skis...a 1996 HX and a 1998 XP Limited. I have rebuilt the carbs in both. I *thought* the 1996 HX (tock 717 motor) was good. I ran 3 gallons of gas through it on the first ride and it ran great. Today was the second ride. The first 20-30 minutes the ski ran great again...
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    1997 Seadoo XP Correct Pop Off Pres. and Needle & Seat Info Needed for starting issue

    I have a 1997 Seadoo XP and it is hard to start in the water or out of the water. I have to give it almost full throtle then once it starts i have to back down the throttle slow to keep it going or it will die out. Once I do that It idles fine in the water. Also it seems that i get a lot of...
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    any suggestions

    just put top end on a 587. put it back in the hull. i have spark but would not pop off. pulled carbs to clean but they look brand new. cleaned them anyway checked rotoary valve and its good. Any suggestions as to why it would not pop off ?