Interested in a 2007 with a bad engine

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I found a supercharged speedster that according to the ad has a bad engine due to the “timing chain letting loose”. Is that even a thing? My thought is that the ceramic washers from the charger let loose. I assume these are interference engines? Valves will contact the piston if it’s out of timing?

if the engine only needs a head replacement, what would I be looking at cost wise for parts?

how about a complete engine Rebuild kit?
Thank you everyone in advance for your advice.

When the timing chain goes .. so does the rocker arm assembly and you likely had interference/contact with valves and pistons. Not a big deal but Just wanted to give you a heads up. I’ve purchased a gti with a broken timing chain, had a barely visible crack in 2 of the pistons. Just plan on a full rebuild or a reman engine.
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