Help! Is 195 hours too many for a 2005 215 hp Sportster?

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I convinced the hubby we needed a new toy, and this one popped up. The boat was always winterized and the owners are older adults who took good care of it, but I do need to check to see if the supercharger's been re-built yet. All diagnostics check out perfectly.

I was kind of shocked to find out that it has 195 hours on it. Doesn't that seem kind of high? Or if it's been maintained, should I be happy and take my chances? Price is $9800 in the Midwest, and we put down a little money to hold it to buy it tomorrow.

As an alternative, I could get a 2006 215 hp with 50 hours on it, but it costs $1700 more, and I don't know if it was maintained as well.

Thoughts?? Thanks tons!
Hi, I would not be overly concerned, assuming they have had it for 6 seasons that only works out at 32.5 hours per year, not exactly flogging it to death! Thats only 8 x 4hr boating excursions over the course of a year. I would rather pay the $9800 for one I know had been babied, even if it was for longer hours than one I had no clue about how it was looked after. The supercharger issue is a must to know about though.
This makes me feel a thousand times better. I should have looked at the math that way. And we'll call about the supercharger right now! Thanks Davo. I just start to doubt myself with this kind of money.
just my opinion but if you can find ou the history on the other boat with 50 hrs that would definetly be the best route...especially if you dont plan on keeeping it for the rest of your lives..think about it if it has 195 hrs on it alreasy how many will you put on it in the course of ownership..thus diminishing its value very rapidly

by the way where are you in michigan
See why I'm conflicted about this? One meticulously maintained...the other one costs more and I need to find out more of the maintenance history.
For whatever reason, these boats sell fast off craigslist, especially if they're priced at the average value from nadaguides, so you have to decide fast. I can't believe how many people were swarming after the one with 195 hours.

We're located in the Grand Rapids area.
Fair point Brock, I was just meaning that I would not be afraid of the 195 hours if that was the only one available and it had a good service history, take them both for a test run on the water too, see how they run, you would not buy a car for $10k+ without taking it for a test drive, see how they accelerate, turn etc pull the engine cover too while running it on the water and see how everything sounds on the move.
195 is only about 5 summers worth of use. I would think that you'd be able to get another 5 years at least. These 4tech engines are in everything that BRP builds and they are made to last. I have friends with 4 wheelers and ski's with many hours on them and no problems.
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