Do I need a flush kit for my gti 130 or will a garden hose work?

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I just purchased a new 2011 gti 130 se. Do I need a flush kit or will a regular garden hose work?

I live in an apartment complex and don't own a garden hose. It appears that the hose will fit but I'm not sure....

Any feedback is appreciated!

if you 2011 130 is like my 2008 155, then you can use a garden hose. problem is the hose is awkward to attach. i made a real sort hose so i could connect it easier, then attach the garden hose to that.
do you have a link for the flush kit you are talking about? i know the garden hose just screws right in, fits fine. i took 2 old garden hoses that had leaks, and took the male end off and about 12" off one, and the female end and 12 " off the other, then using one of those cheap hose repair kits, mated the 2 back together. this gave me a real easy section of hose to work with. i can attach that easily to the ski while it on the cart on the beach, so i can flush right there.
Since you're new at this remember to never run the water with the motor off when flushing. Start engine, turn on water, turn off water, stop engine. An inline hose shut off on the hose close to the boat and quick disconnect fittings would make it easier for you. Both available at any hardware store. And, read your owner's manual. Lots of good info in there that will save you a lot of questions. It actually tells you how to flush it, I'll bet.
Thanks dbdave! I will get an inline shut off valve, that's a good idea. I know not to put water in the engine with it not running - I appreciate the reminder. I've also ordered salt away and fluid film.

YouTube has also been very resourceful.


Second the inline shutoff idea.

My garden hose would not thread in, so I got the flush kit. Just don't forget to take out the adapter when you're done! Sounds stupid, but it's easy to do.
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