Challenger 180: Adding a boost gauge and a oil pressure gauge but need to connect some wires? .

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I bought a 2011 Challenger 180 just over two months ago. Now adding a boost gauge and an oil pressure gauge. I have installed the boost gauge into the spare hole on the left of the main cluster and will be replacing the clock with a oil pressure gauge.

However I need some help, referring to the wiring under the speedo cluster
1) Where can I connect the gauge illumination wire,
2) Where can I find the ignition wire (ACC+) and lastly
3) Where can I find the earth wire?

Also I noticed that the boat wiring loom is held in place or more correctly suspended by cable ties throughout the boat. Only the beginning of the cable ties are pushed though the locking part of the cable tie, this is the creating a loop. The wiring loom is fed through these loops to be suspended by them. Why would the cable ties not be pulled up against the wiring loom or is that standard for boat wiring?


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