Broken plastic steering cable sleeve (nut) 2005 RXT 215

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Steering began only turning left (would turn right but only under low throttle). Got bike out of the water and the plastic sleeve that holds steering cable against transom had broken off. Bought brass parts to replace. Problem is, I cannot get the plastic threads out of the hole. Picture is of the new part. Please advise if anyone has an idea.
The steering cable is still going through the middle of it. Trying to get out without removing cable of possible.
This what it looks like the one that is intact is the reverse cable but which will more than likely break any time too since they are brittle after 15 years.

Gently pry a small tip screwdriver between the threads all the way around which will break the seal. Tap inward to bend it while trying not to damage the outer threads, grab it with vicegrips and unscrew it.
Okay, I ended up using the large end of a file to tap into plastic threads and was able to turn it back out. Now, does anyone know of the steering half ring set and the reverse half ring set are the same diameter? I cannot get it put back together because half ring things does NOT fit steering cable. Ugh!
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