Steering cable 2005 GTI RFI

I could not turn right (during last ride) and noticed water in my bilge. I found nut #55 broke off (part of it is still left in the treads).
I am trying to figure out:
1) How to get the remnants of the old nut out of the threads so I could put a new one in place.
2) I think I need to pull the steering cable out of the transom in order to accomplish step 1 above.
3) Is the end of the steering cable threaded/attached to the rest of the cable (see two red arrows) or is it all one piece and I just have to pull/force it from the hole from the inside?
Thanks, Tom
Steering cable.JPG
Dang no help yet. :) Yes the steering cable is one piece. The split bushing locates the cable and locks it into position. That NUT that is broken needs to be removed so you can pull the cable out a bit to the rear... enough to expose the split bushing and remove that. You'll have to GENTLY loosen (use penetrating oil and not much force) to unscrew the "ball joint" on the end of the steering cable. This will allow you to remove and replace the nut.

My concern is what made the nut fail but.... all you need to do is verify that the split bushing is in place and the rubber seal then screw in a new nut. Difficult to get your hands in there but generally those nuts are not all that tight. Good luck.

It won't help much but this is a picture of mine. I replaced the little rubber seals on the shaft assembly. I like perfect but those seals are difficult to find. I had spares. Good Luck.

Jet pump Steering seals bushing (1).JPG
Thanks! It failed with age (I think). I had a pro do it (and he removed the pump/impeller housing). $100
He removed the remaining threads of the original plug by prying/breaking them out with a small/sharp screwdriver. Replaced plug with a brass one. Seals are in good shape!
I'm always too harded headed to remove the pump so it is more difficult for me. :) Glad you got it fixed,