Brake parts

Hey all. Last year i picked up a 2007 Islandia on a seadoo trailer, dual axle set up with surge brakes. I bought it from the second owner that bought it at 1 year old so i believe it is the original trailer still with sea doo stickers. I need brake rotors and pads etc...
I don’t know who actually manufactures the trailers for Seadoo. Where do y’all recommend to get brake parts????

Thanks in advance
The title would have the manufacturer, mine said Sea-Doo on the side of the trailer, was a shorelandr on the title, but the sticker on the trailer said remq manufacturing and the VIN matched. Are your rotors built into the hubs or are they separate parts?
If its a shore land'r, call them and give them the vin, they will probably email you the explosion drawing. I called years ago about adding brakes to my single axle speedster trailer, they knew exactly what would fit just by the vin, and my trailer didn't come with brakes.