Any interest? 1998-2004 seadoo speedster seat covers (custom)

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hi, I own an upholstery shop called gryphon industries, recently i had a customer come to me with seadoo boat seats. these seats were not easy to make perfect again, however after trial and error i am done. now that i have a patent pending one, the rest are flying on perfectly. From my research it is near impossible to buy/find these seats anymore, or you have to sell an arm and a leg to re-upholster them properly. just wondering if there is any interest out there for people in need of custom/professional seat covers. i will post pictures shorty.
[MENTION=71910]macattak17[/MENTION] PM me, we may be able to work something out where you sell them through our store.
i will take some pictures as soon as i have them back from my marine vinyl embroider. This customer wanted them to look like they came with the boat, so we are having the "seadoo" logo with the trademark put on it in pearl white on a red and black seat.
Sweet lord yes we're interested. If you can find a way to vacuum mold the foam and make a whole new part you'd make a fortune.
Definitely interested with an entire front rear seat Blue/ Grey but what would the turn around be? Price and pics please
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