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I am looking at putting in speakers and deck into my 96 challenger. I am not looking to spend to much cash in this department. Today i picked up 2 pairs of exile xs 65c. Along with that i got a Sony Marine Package (DSXMPACK11) which comes with a marine deck and and 1 pair of marine speakers. I bought all of this because it was on sale and i can return it if needed. My concern is that the exile speakers claim to be marine but are made of titanium and not enclosed around the magnet and spider. I don't know a whole lot about speakers but i feel like the titanium is a bad choice due to the fact that the boat is so open.

The sonys are rated at 160W peak and the exiles are 200W peak. Im just wondering if it would be smart to take back the two pairs of exiles and buy 1 pair of extra sony speakers to add to the ones with came with the deck. the sony is a cheaper option because i only need one extra pair, but i don't know if i will lose sound quality if i where to use them instead of the exiles.

Just looking for advise.
If you only want 4 speakers, try to keep them all the same. Install the head unit and then put in the pair of sonys. Dont bolt them in just sit them in the holes. Listen to them. Then swap out a pair of the others. See which sets sounds better. Decide which ones you like better. If it is the sonys, get another set and return the others. If yo like the exile, then use them and sell the pair of sonys on here.
That is a good idea. Im sure they will still take them back if i just test them. im still wondering if the fact that the exiles have an exposed magnet and that the speaker is titanium is bad due to the fact that these boats see a lot more water than regular boats.
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