98 GTX Ltd sunk

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OK I have done everything as suggested. The first time it happened I blew out the cylinders of water threw the plugs back in and vrooooom off it went for a week or so like a charm. Note it has always been hard starting but dealer cleaned the carbs this spring and was a bit better. Then I leave it in water - all seemed fine second time I figured the high winds were cause of water in hull. Turned out the sponsoon bolts on the inside of hull had let go as it was already partially broken. so out of the water it comes obviously. I drain it and repeat procedure. I fix spnosson ( stablizer on rear side of boat) by fiberglassing the broken one and moulding it to correct size. Seemed easier than buying a new one and paying to get it installed.

This time she turns over but doesnt fire. sometimes it tries to fire so I take plugs back out and yes I ground out the boots on the grounding knobs. BUt I get a lot of fluid still coming out of cylinders- seems like it is gas with oil mixture as I captured some.

Gut feel is there is still water somewhere in system. Dealer is backed up two weeks as we have gone from 3 to one dealer in area. I likely blew it. the good news is my Sea Ray 16 - 1996 125HP is working better than ever and was out of water almost all of 2008 and 2009 - unreal. I only bought th Sea doo to tide me over while rayder was being fixed forever. I want them both now to work. Had them both working at same time for two weeks only. Miss my doo.
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It started

Ive been working at this a week. Just seemed like gas spouting out. Finally I tried some of that Foggy spray - One more time dropped in in lake - didnt look much different a week bit more spark and after a few minutes VROOOOMm with smoke and sputtering. I babied ot for 10 minutes and opened it up. I flew around another ten minutes and pulled it out of the water. very surprised. I was taking it in tomorrow.
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