1. S

    Help Almost Sunk my Ski

    I have an 05 Seadoo GTI 720. broke a few motor mounts engine slid forward, submerged my ski entire engine under water. I was able to flush the water out of the cylinders and get it started to flush the engine. I know I need to replace all four motor mounts. I assume the carbon ring is shot...
  2. dustinsspace12

    Help! I flooded the seadoo, left drain plug out.

    Ok, so heres the deal, please help me troubleshoot the nearest seadoo service center is 2 hours away. Yesterday, I took my 93 GTS out to the lake with the kids and launched it with the drain plug out. We rode it for about 20 min and then idled for a couple when we realized the boat...
  3. B

    98 GTX Ltd sunk

    OK I have done everything as suggested. The first time it happened I blew out the cylinders of water threw the plugs back in and vrooooom off it went for a week or so like a charm. Note it has always been hard starting but dealer cleaned the carbs this spring and was a bit better. Then I...
  4. G

    Almost Sunk Seadoo... EVERYTHING okay?

    Hey yall took the seadoo out for a test ride before the summer today... Ran GREAT, then realized i was sitting real low.... and figured out i did not finish tightening one of the drain plugs! the water was below the top of the cylinder heads just above the battery and all... it was only...
  5. rksnow1

    Help! Sunk my PWC.. What do I do?

    Hi All. I just joined the forum today and need some quick help! just got my first PWC a week ago. I bought 2 old but nice(maybe not) 1990 Seadoo PWC.. I dont know the models or sizes... When I bought them the owner said one ran great and the other needed a tune up, but both needed...