97 GTI ran perfect for an hour then starts slowing down….with a twist


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My daughter and I rode today, as the title says the 717 rand perfect for and hour or two…then starts slowing down. Engine is running but will not develop much rpm…would occasionally die. After it died, I checked the fuel filter…it was full of fuel. I then noticed a lot of water in the bilge…could the water be interfering with electricals? How do i trouboeshootna water leak I cannot see? Carb has been rebuilt with mikuni and ran great…not sure where to start


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Water leak can be coming from a leaking hose or your carbon seal. Sometimes the exhaust will leak. I would run it on the hose and see if you have any leaks, if not most likely the carbon seal needs to be replaced
The pic you are showing is the oil filter and not the fuel filter. Sounds like the engine is in limp mode with is usually the result of a bad rectifier witch is very common on these older jetskis. OSD is a great place to order a new rectifier from. What year and model is your ski?

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Yes, I was just taking a pic of the water in the bilge near the rectifier. The fuel filter is in the front hatch, I checked it as my other ski just had a fuel valve go bad. It is a 97 gti. Can water in the bilge cause the rectifier to go bad?
How much water was in the hull? To find the leak you can put it on a trailer and use a garden hose and fill the bottom with water to see where it runs out. Just don't fill it too much that it reaches the carbs or electronic boxes. If you get no leaks then there might be a leak at the engine. You could flush the engine and see if anything shows up. Just remember the engine is always running when the water is on, turn water off first before turning engine off.

Before replacing the rectifier I would test it. All you need to do is put a meter on the battery after you start it up. You should get somewhere in the 12 s for voltage. rev up the motor and verify you voltage increases into the 13 volt range or low to mid 14 volts. If it stays in the 12 volt range or climbs into the 15 volt range you have issues.

Does your buzzard work, you getting any different beeps.