95 gtx waterbox

Paul gts

Hello fellow seadoo fans. I got a 95 gtx 657x that needs a waterbox . I just rebuilt another last year and did a 93 gts with a pulled apart 95 gtx 657x creating eventually a 95 gtx. I had to use the 95 spx waterbox, little short guy. Runs great. My question is this new 95 gtx restoration that I'm doing. After reading old threads about 97 being the year of better flow waterboxes. Would a 97 GSI or spx short box be a good fit? Not looking to play around too much with jetting or open air filters. Just looking for some old school insight on creating the best stock setup with maybe a little more manly bark. Including pics of my last build i just finished for my wife, 94 gtx. Thanks in advance, paul


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Any 650, 720, 787 waterbox will be fine with your 657X.
Was hoping you would chim in. So any 97 short or long waterbox? That old thread about waterboxes was saying some were baffled different than others. I believe it said 97 was the best year of less restricted baffles. Your the guy I like to hear your thoughts.
For a 657X I wouldn't worry.
The "Best" was always said to be the 97' SPX for the 787 engines but not sure anybody had ever gotten actual dyno numbers as to how "best" it was. I would not worry about it at all unless you were trying to build the fastest 787.
Thanks brother, always appreciate your help. I can turn a wrench but knowledge is the key with these old skis. Thanks again