2007 Sea-Door Speedster 150 Intake Grate?

After what was a great week out on the lake with the father-in-law's boat, I accidentally sucked up the tow rope when pulling a tube. Thankfully, I was able to cut the engine quickly and get it back on the trailer where I freed the rope without damaging the shaft, seal, or the impeller. Unfortunately, I did end up breaking the intake grate...

I've been calling around to try and find a replacement, but it seems like they are impossible to find, even used ones on eBay...

Does anyone happen to know of any other part numbers that are compatible, or am I simply out of luck on this old boat?
I have an intake grate that I bought from a dealer for my 2010 speedster that I never installed. I think I paid about $120 canadian. Where are you located ?