2005 Challenger 180 intake grate and ICS


On my 05' Challenger 180 it still had the non functional ICS system in place when I purchased the boat this past summer. I noticed that the grate was loose and basically flopping around a bit.

I originally removed the guts of the ICS and fixed the cable in place so the grate wouldn't move but could still be operated manually. I recently had to pull the engine and when I did, I noticed that the cable was broken at the through hull, the plastic collar was cracked and wasn't holding any longer. So while the engine was out, I pulled the rest of this bad idea out and was left with the hole in the hull. I put a SS bolt through and used the rubber insulator that was already there and tightened it down. No leaks, great.

Now I am left with the original grate that needs to be fixed in place somehow, ok I fabricate something to do that, but would like a better tighter grate to stop more debris if possible. Has anyone found a suitable replacement that fit's?

I found this and would be perfect except it's way to large to fit the opening. This is 17" x 8" and I need ~12-14" x 5".

Sea-Doo New OEM, WAKE Algae Reducing Anti-Debris Water Intake Grate, 271001948

I need the extra protection because I run the boat out of a creek that is very low (<2') for about 100yrds and is full of debris.
So I did some more research and decided to order that grate and see what comes in the mail. I doubt the real dim's of this are 17" x 8", that sounds more like the box it's in. So I will be posting back when I get this resolved.
I received the new intake grate and as expected the dim's were way off on the width but close on the length. It's actually 4-7/8ths wide the same width as the tunnel and 16" long, but that is will the extended mounting tabs etc. So this is a perfect fit, except the mounting screw holes do not line up. I don't see that being an issue and will be making new ones in either the hull or the plate, possibly both as needed.

The issue I have right now is getting the existing two philips #3 bolt/screw(s) out of the hull. Even with an impact gun they don't want to budge. So it's a project for another day. It's going in to winter here in MD so this will probably wait until spring. I will post back on the progress when I get back to this.
From what I have read there are nuts on the inside of the hull for the intake grate. I just had the engine out and didn't see them. Does anyone know where they might be hiding?
Changed a grate last year on a speedster 200 nuts were in a recessed hole under motor and sealed with silicone
Changed a grate last year on a speedster 200 nuts were in a recessed hole under motor and sealed with silicone

Awesome, I just had the engine out this winter and could have accessed it then. Bummer.

Thank you for posting that info though.