2006 Speedster 200 - Run on one engine?

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Hey all - I've searched the forum and read through the manual and haven't been able to find the answer! Is is safe to run the boat on 1 engine in an emergency situation? (ie. if one engine stops working, suck something up, etc.) I have the twin 215HP SCIC engines. I know it was not safe on my old Yamaha jet boat as there was risk of flooding the engine, wasn't sure if that was the same case here. Thanks
You can run it on 1 engine in an absolute emergency. But you still have the issue of water ingestion in the engine. You need to pinch off a hose, or install a valve. It should be in your owners manual. Also, keep speeds under 5 mph to reduce the possibility of water ingestion.
Awesome - thanks for the quick reply. I will look into installing some valves just in case. Hope I never have to use it but would like to be prepared.
you will never get the boat up on plane running on one engine only.....would only be good for getting you back to shore/dock at very low speeds
The hose crimp instructions are pretty cryptic. Would have been nice for Sea Doo to install a shut off valve for that situation & label it as such....:confused:
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