2003 SeaDoo Utopia 185 - Stalls beeps beeping water seperator fuel pump cuts out dies

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Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I ran my tank very close to empty. After refueling and taking the boat out a different day, there were some issues with it beeping if I idled for any length of time, and a studder / hesitation when raising the throttle just above idle.

The problem slowly got worse to the point that now it stalls / dies as you transition off idle, and beeps constantly. If you get past 2500rpm it will run perfect.

I replaced the fuel filter/water seperator unit (looks like an oil filter with a sensor.)

That didn't make a difference, and the problem has really gotten bad.

Removing the sensor from the fuel filter didn't make a difference

Removing the 12V clip from the small black (fuel pump?) labled:



Completely fixed all issues.

The idle cleaned up, the beeping stopped, hesitation / surging went away, etc...

What is the significants of this 12 Volt fuel pump, and why does it run perfect without it????
Does your boat have a Merc engine????

If it does... I have a hunch that the temp sensor in the exhaust has gone bad.
Yes, it has an OptiMax 240.

When I first read your hunch, I was thinking "that doesn't make any sense".

Are you suggesting the Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) is being monitored, and put in check by this fuel pump?

(i.e. to lower the EGT the sensor is energizing that pump (un-nessisarily) thus causing my problems?) - By disconnecting it, I'm bypassing the invalid correction?

I wasn't able to locate an EGT sensor. I'll try a multimeter to measure that 12V harness to see if it actually varies.

Otherwise if anyone else has any ideas, or can verify the purpose of that pump?

It's not an EGT... it's a water temp on the exhust...


I totally miss read your post.

The Merc engines have 3 fuel pumps.... and you are saying that the small electric pump before the filter has gone bad. OK.... it's a very simple, low pressure pump. I'm pretty sure you can find a replacement at pep-boys. If it's the one I'm thinking about... it's a pulseing "Lift" pump, (Not the vac fed pulse pump) with check valves. As long as the power is off... the fuel will flow. If the pump has power, and stalls... the check valves may stick.

That pump is to feed the vac pulse pump... that, in turn, feeds the mixer. (that has a pump in it too)

Yep... go to pep-boys, and I bet you can get one to replace it for $20. (look in the section where the chrome stuff is)

Without that pump... I think your pulse pump may have a hard time feeding the engine at high speed, and with low fuel. (Has to drag it up higher)
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