water in hull

  1. seadoo-gts

    taking on water

    2017 seadoo gts is taking on water again after replacing the pto cover. i've had the jetski out a total of 5-7 times and the new pto has failed its taking on water again. the one i ordered from partzilla came in a seadoo box and said its a factory part. the crank looked good when i swapped them...
  2. C

    Sea-Doo RXT AS 260 Wrong Wear Installed

    Hello Sea-Doo community, Can rocks do this kind of damage to a wear ring? It look more like the prop blades made this carving than rocks jammed in ? We had the blue one original wear ring for 3 years... it was replaced by BRP current inventory that seems thinner and 1/8" longer... Suspecting...
  3. P

    No water flowing out of the side "pee hole"

    I have a 2002 RXDI and having trouble figuring out why there is no flowing water out of the pee hole. We have taken the hoses off and cleared them and saw nothing is stuck, also removed the grate and nothing was there. It doesn't seem to be over heating or causing any trouble, we just want...
  4. T

    Water trapped under foot well in GTX 260 is Limited

    Hello, I have a GTX 260 is and a GTX 155. Both have the suspension, and it works great! Both units get water trapped under the foot well, and it is next to impossible to get out. There is probably about a gal of water under each side. Anyone have the same problem? I've tried to tilt the...
  5. M

    SPX stalls when I release the throttle, Lots of water in Hull.

    Hey Guys/Gals. I have a 94 SPX that was running like a top last summer. Took her out this year and noticed she would start and stall immediately after I released the throttle. She'll run if I continuously hold the throttle open but as soon as i release it stalls again. I took the seat off...
  6. A

    Water in Hull - 96 GTi

    Hey guys, Thanks for all your help with my water in the hull issue. I checked the carbone ring and the boot. It needs to be replaced but it's really not that bad. Anyway, I got off work early yesterday and took it out to really pin down the issue. I noticed that the bilge pumps were not...
  7. A

    1991 SP WATER inside PROBLEM

    :confused:Not New problem, as I see after I have searched the www as well as here, for answer or pictures - because looking at Manuals and Parts drawings as well as pictures found on the www related to 1991 Seadoo and similar years - nothing found explains to me how the Siphon System Works as...
  8. M

    Water fills hull when sitting

    I just bought a 97 Sea Doo XP. When the boat is sitting in the water not being used it fills up with water. The plugs are in. It looks like the water is coming in through the threaded hole under the fresh water flush hole on the transom. What is this hole for? It is about the size of the...