1. R

    2015 RXT 260 IBR Failure, Low Battery Voltage?

    Hello all- seeking some advice on an issue I'm having with my 2015 Seadoo RXT 260. Today I was cruising around the lake and after about an hour, maybe 2 hours of riding, I came to a stop and noticed the ski would not go into neutral or reverse and the IBR light was solid red, not flashing. I...
  2. FeelinNauti

    Sea Doo Challenger Won't Start - Brief Continuous Beep?

    I made the mistake of briefly leaving the boat for 4 weeks on a trailer without removing the battery or placing it on a trickle charger... Re-charged the battery, then tried a new battery. All fuses appear ok. No click or anything pushing start on either engine. 13v on battery. All I get is a...
  3. F

    MAPS voltage values

    Does anyone know what the voltage versus vacuum / pressure are supposed to be for a normally aspirated 155 HP 2004 4-Tec? I tested mine today with the following results: 0 psi = 3.9 V 2 inches vacuum = 3.6 4 inches = 3.27 6 inches = 2.97 8 inches = 2.65 10 inches = 2.35 12 inches =...
  4. J

    Battery Problems? Just need guidance

    I am going on my second year of owning some pre-owned PWC's and at this point I have had nothing but problems. Right now the main problem keeping them out of the water is a 12 Volt low sign with my '96 GSX. I don't know if this is a rectifier or a battery. I wouldn't be surprised if I needed a...
  5. T

    1995 Sea Doo with 55 HP 587 Rotax Engine - Rectifier - Voltage - Battery - Stator

    Hi, i have a 1995 Sea Doo with 55 HP 587 Rotax Engine. I had Problems with the Regulator, the Battery was empty after a 30 Minute Ride.
  6. K

    1996 XP Wont do anything??

    I have a 1996 Seadoo Xp 787 and I had the battery out of it for the winter to keep on trickle charge. I had started the ski about amonth ago and everything worked fine. Today was a nice day and i was considering maybe taking it out so I put the battery fully charged back in. Well it was hard...