1. riwaverunner

    1998 GSX Ltd Info Center

    Hi all, I've got a 1998 GSX Limited (5629/5845 with the 951 engine) and the info center/gauge display is shot. Not sure if it's the whole thing or just the display. I've seen the display repair kits online for $25ish that replace the polarizer film, but I think the damage to my display goes...
  2. D

    98 Sportster 1800 twin no tach

    Hello everyone, I just bought my first boat. A 98 sporster 1800 twin 717 I noticed it has the mpem bypass and that tach does not work. Does anyone know if I can wire them up directly to the coil + output? I am sure this has been done before, I dont want to test by trial and error and...
  3. K

    need a new tachometer!

    hello everyone, I have a 2002 sportster le in need of a new tachometer. the lense is broken and the whole thing is crusty. does anyone know where i can find a replacement? Either OEM just compatible?
  4. S

    Speedo Tach have gone motionless

    Working on my boat this weekend. Ran some stale gas ended up fouling my plugs. While testing the new plugs noticed that both my Speedo and Tach have stopped moving. Got out my multimeter and checked the fuses. Then on the speedo I checked the power, ground and signal wire. When spinning the...
  5. S

    2000 Challenger 1800 tachometer use in a 1999 Challenger 1800

    Has anyone tried using a 2000 Challenger 1800 tachometer in a 1999 Challenger 1800 boat? Both of my tachs are not working and I wanted to hook up a working 2000 tach to begin diagnosing if it is wiring or tachometer issue.
  6. ramtuff89

    2008 Seadoo Islandia 430 Intermittent Tachs

    Hey All, This is my first post on here. I have a 2008 islandia with the twin 4tec 215HP engines. I have had it for almost a year now and it is an awesome boat. The last time I went out on the boat I had an issue with the tachometer on both engines. They will randomly stick and freeze up and then...
  7. Kwik_uk

    TTO tach options for a '99 GTI

    Hi guys, I was just about to buy a TTO tach for my GTI, but stopped just short to consider options. Being the GTI I can't easily install an OEM gauge & infocenter plus 3 gauge hood due to my MPEM, so I was looking at an aftermarket option like this. Ideally I was going to install it...
  8. S

    04 Speedster Q’s… Tac, Speedometer, and surfing

    I have utilized the search and haven’t found my answers. I am going to look at an 04’ Speedster 310 with a wake tower, ballast, and nice stereo. It has ~ 300hrs, and a fair amount of sun damage. Oxidation in the gel coat and the interior has “hardened”, cracking the seats. The right tachometer...
  9. B

    Brightondale, New to Seadooforum / Tachometer Problem

    Hi all, I'm Dale and new to this forum. I've had my 2002 Sportster LT now for 10 years and a while back I used the jetboating.net forum with no complaints, but the activity seems to have dried up there since sticking my nose back in. Since I can't find a dealer who still has a working...
  10. Y

    New Owner 1997 GTI want to install a tach and other questions

    I bought this machine 2 years ago with a blown engine caused by overheating because it ingested gravel. I had the cylinders bored out and installed new pistons. I have broken it in for about 4 hours, and I have some questions. I am not very familiar with Seadoo but have worked on engines for...
  11. C

    Problem with Gauges

    OK so i got a seadoo islandia 2006... The left tachometer, the one speedometer, and the left gauge circle are all not functioning.. I have switched the wires on the tachs.. its worked.. so its not the actuall gauges.. I looked at the one main fuse in the engine compartment.. its fine...