starting problems

  1. CreekerMike

    98 Gtx Starter Cutting Out

    Greetings and salutations to all, Im new hear on this forum and I've already found lots of great info! But... thats aside from the point. I have a 98' Gtx Ltd with the 951 engine. I just finished replacing the engine (previous owner managed to bend a rod somehow). Upon starting the new engine...
  2. rgardner928

    717 Issues

    I have an issue with my 97 seadoo speedster. The issue is with one of my 717's. Its having issues starting..and when it starts, the rpms are maxing out at about 3.5k to 4k on full throttle. Why?
  3. C

    Suggested to get help here

    Multiple problems already....Recently purchased a 1999 Sea Doo GTX RFI fulfilling a 10 year dream to own one (always rode with friends). The Sea Doo key was not always giving me the normal beeps when I plugged the key to stump but sea doo still started alright. By the end of the ride the red...
  4. C

    96 sea doo gtx won't start after carb rebuild

    So I recently purchased a 1996 sea doo gtx 2 stroke a couple weeks ago. I took it out on the water and ran okay. second time I took it out i started having some problems. problems starting, dying, bogging out, alternating rpms. I was advised my carbs needed a rebuild so I took it upon myself to...
  5. T

    2001 GTX DI - Runs great but will not start again!

    2001 GTX RFI - Runs great but will not start again! We have a 2001 GTX RFI. If the ski sits over night, it will start up and run great! Full power, no odd sputter, no issues. However, if we shut it down, it will not restart. It just sputters, a few back fires, that's it. Let it sit, and it...
  6. G

    2008 Seadoo RXPX Won't Start

    Had to change battery yesterday. Worked fine except speedometer quit working. My father rode it this morning and when he turned it off and tried to start it again it would not start. Checked all electrical connections and made sure they were tight. Still nothing. Any ideas? Still has salt...
  7. S

    96 xp MPEM or Solenoid?

    I have a 96 xp, when I hit the start button the guages and everything works as it is supposed to including timer. The solenoid will not click and send juice to starter. The Y/R wire from MPEM that provides + to solenoid has 11.4 volts. When I bench tested the solenoid with 12.5 volts the...