starter relay

  1. Jetfrank

    2005 RXT Starter relay issue

    Hi All - working on this RXT and dealing with a relay issue. Relay is fine (was replaced) but is not getting the signal to close when I press the start button. I removed it and jumped the small posts from the starter button and it clicked like normal. Any simple reason that the button is not...
  2. M

    96 GTX starts if by shorting across relay, dies after 20 seconds??

    Well another year and more problems. My 96 GTX was running fine when my son and friends took it out. Thought they got a rock in the impeller so they thought turning it over was a good idea to get the rock out. Of course when they finally turned it over they turned it the wrong way filling the...
  3. S

    Starter Solenoid Issue - clicking sound when trying to turn over...

    Hey there everyone! I'm the lucky owner of a 2002 Seadoo X2/Challenger 2000 and so far have had a few really fun days on the water. Though the last time we went out I trusted my buddy to turn the engine off but somehow he left the ignition switch in the "start" position for an extended period...
  4. S

    2006 Islandia one engine not starting

    I have a problem starting the right engine. The left engine starts right up. It started out as an intermittent problem. It would start initially, but later not start while on the lake. It seemed to start when I tapped on the starter relay. I tried shorting across the two red leads. The...
  5. M

    96 bombardier gti solenoid just clicks when trying to start

    I am new to the forum and have a 96 bombardier gti that just clicks at the solenoid when trying to crank it.It was doing same thing earlier and i changed the starter and got it to crank.Put it in the water and it had no power and then took on some water.I cleaned the plugs and drained the water...
  6. Michael211_2000

    Inside of starter relay... pics!

    If you wonder what the inside of the brown OEM starter relay looks like when it starts the "click without starting" trend, here it is! Looks like the electrical contacts have developed some charring over time and it's now unable to pass current thru them when the relay is engaged? I may...
  7. thejacksonkid910

    Help me for the love of god!!!!

    96 xp wont turn over unless i jump the starter. when i do jump the starter it turns great. when i found all this out there was about an inch of water in the bottom of the black electrical box. i know that it could be a starter solenoid, starter relay, starter, or a safety lanyard but im not sure...
  8. thejacksonkid910

    96 xp wont start

    the ski will not start although if i jump the starter it does turn at a normal rate. i was wondering how to test the starter relay because i know if thats not the problem then it is most likely the safety lanyard. thanks for the help. -alex