1. M


    After searching through this site for answers about o-rings/seals for my fuel injectors I figured I would just explain my situation... I just cleaned my fuel injectors on my 2002 GTX DI. Unfortunately one of the o-rings/seals were nicked and now it leaks fuel at the top of the rail. I can only...
  2. N

    Oil leaking from motor RXT 215

    Hello, I have a 2008 RXT 215 and it has been leaking oil into the hall. From the top side everything is nice and dry. Reaching my hands around to the bottom of the motor and checking for fresh oil the only place I can feel oil is under the from oil fill / oil pump area. If the motor is leaking...
  3. dbechth

    2003 GTX 4-Tec 185 Leaking Oil - PTO Shaft seal

    Has anyone ever had their PTO driveshaft seal fail or seen leakage due to improper installation? To be sure that this is mostly a leak and not just oil consumption I temporarily disconnected the siphon tubes so nothing would be sucked out of the bilge and found that the oil is definitely leaking...
  4. Kwik_uk

    140mm leaky pump replacement alternatives and upgrades

    Hi folks, I've got a 99 GTI which has a leaky 140mm pump. It's a slow leak, and oddly oil will drain, but it won't fill with water. I've pressure tested it and it won't hold 10 psi for longer than a few minutes. I'm going to be using the ski well into the colder months on one of our local...
  5. Shane0524

    Mysterious cavitation!?

    I have a 1996 GTX. It started to cavitate a little during a standstill hole shot. So I figured it was time to pull the pump. I pulled the pump and found the wear ring in pretty decent shape but the prop was quite chewed. It had a bent blade some good dents and a lot of leading edge damage. I...
  6. S

    What is this part called? is it needed?

    Hi, I have a 1996 Seadoo GTX Rotax, There is two black covers just behind the spark plugs with a little red circle on top(I have attached photo), 1 is in real good condition(right one) and the other the rubber inside is broken(left one), Can I just leave it off? and if I need it on, what are...
  7. A

    96 sp seal leaking

    I have a 1989 seadoo sp and my motor mounts went bad . this caused my seal that goes thru the hull to leak due to the mis aligned shaft. how do i replace the seal and what part do i need?
  8. C

    Speedster help!!!

    Dear Friends, Summer is passing me by and all I have had are problems. On the 4th of July a friend got a tow rope caught, my broth in law is a wizard and got it out. All ran well for he last two weekends. We noticed last weekend that the bilge was filling up w water, we were pulling a 3...
  9. L

    96/97 Challenger 787 110 Jet Pump Service

    I am planning on going through the pump of my boat over the weekend. Of those that have experience with it, what are the recommended items to replace and service while in there to seal pump and reduce cavitation? Obviously these: -Impeller -Wear ring -Oil -Pump to hull seal Any...