140mm leaky pump replacement alternatives and upgrades

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Hi folks,

I've got a 99 GTI which has a leaky 140mm pump. It's a slow leak, and oddly oil will drain, but it won't fill with water. I've pressure tested it and it won't hold 10 psi for longer than a few minutes.

I'm going to be using the ski well into the colder months on one of our local rivers, so it's not really going to be "shelved" for winter.

My options would be:

  • Replace the pump and have no down time.
  • Buy a seal kit and the tools to press in the seals (the latter part being difficult in the UK)
  • Buy a replacement complete pump AND a seal kit, repair the old pump as and when, then either sell or keep as a spare.

If I go down the route of replacing the pump, are there other options from other models which would be considered an upgrade? Mine has a plastic housing, plastic vanes, cast nozzle with reverse. If there aren't and the stock one will do, that information is just as useful.

I'm not a racer, and won't be doing that much offshore with it. Mainly just long river expeditions.

I had a few minutes chat with another Sea Doo guy when I passed him on the river. He said the bronze vaned pumps are better, and to look for a pump wedge too.
I'd take the opportunity to do the wear ring whilst I'm at it.

I'd appreciate peoples thoughts and views. Even better, someone has an item that fits the bill, and they'd be willing to post to the UK :thumbsup:
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It's really not hard to rebuild your pump if you have the right tools. A press is nice but you can do the job with a dead blow hammer.

I have a set of tools that I got from Dr Honda that make it a breeze, he doesn't make them anymore but you can get a tool from SBT that will give you the same results.


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