seadoo sp

  1. M

    Starter misaligning with flywheel (HELP!)

    Hi everyone, first post on here so bare with me. Bought a 1992 Seadoo SP white motor a year ago from a guy for a for $150. Had some starting issues but this thing is in mint condition for a 1992.Took everything apart cleaned the carb, rebuilt the starter, got a new battery and even built some...
  2. Hankst3r

    717 totally dry

    I have a 717 that has not been ran in years, and i have all new dry lines, a fully empty bone dry gas tank, and oil tank with nothing in it. what all do i need to do in order to get the right juices in the right locations? and will the crankcase oil make its way back to the reservoir by itself...
  3. N

    95 sp barely starts then dies immediately

    I have a 1995 sea doo sp that I inherited from my grandfather, it’s been sitting about three years and I’ve been trying to get it running this year. I’ve rebuilt the carb, replaced all grey fuel lines, cleaned the fuel filter, put new spark plugs in and new plug boots on the cables, and a brand...
  4. W

    1992 SeaDoo SP. Starter stuck on - had to disconnect battery to get it to stop!

    Help! I was getting ready to launch my '92 SP after charging the battery. With the boat still on the trailer, I pushed the starter button to make sure it was ready to go. The starter kicked on, but wouldn't stop running after I released the button. I had to disconnect the battery to shut...
  5. S

    Complete MIKUNI 44mm Twin-Carb Setup with intake plate and flame arrestors

    I have a few parts I am selling.. 44mm mikuni twin carbs. Clean and ready to rock..complete with carbon fiber flame arrestor and westcoast marine ceramic coated intake adapter plate for Seadoo. These were on a 587 full race motor. Bad ass carbs with killer top end performance! Complete for...
  6. C

    1995 seadoo sp constant beep

    hey guys took the skis out today (or tried to) i went to start the ski in i can hear this somewhat quite but constant beeping. it gets louder sometimes but the ski will start and run then shut off and not idle properly. i had finally got it started and ran it for maybe 30 seconds before it shut...
  7. C

    new to seadoos and jetskis

    hello all i traded my dirt bike over the winter for a pair of seadoo sp a 94 and 96 both 587 single carb engines. I finally got them on the water and after a couple of spark plugs the 94 runs great. the 96 however will run good for a while then starts running like its running out of fuel...
  8. C

    1989 Seadoo Sp oil change

    Hi i am new to this forum and the jet ski world. I frequently work on dirt bikes, 3 wheelers, and 4 wheelers, but this is my first jet ski that i have worked on. I bought this seadoo, cleaned the carb, put some fresh gas down the line and got it to run for a short burst. First i am wondering how...