seadoo 787

  1. B

    1998 Seadoo SPX floods with water even after carbon seal replaced

    Hey everyone. My 1998 SPX is still getting water inside. I replaced the carbon seal, the old one was really bad, and it still gets water in it. I’m not too sure where else water could come in. Water looks like it was slung everywhere in there so I’m really thinking that the carbon seal is still...
  2. play2winner

    1998 seadoo speedster rear back seat red needed

    if anyone has a rear back section red seat....i would like to buy it.... i lost mine on the highway and it got squashed! i might be able to re-upholster but i would like to keep it o.e. if possible.... any tips appreciated.... thanks
  3. play2winner

    Speedster Owner in Canada

    I'm a Speedster Owner. I want study from you. Thanks
  4. T

    How much is a 1998-99 seadoo xp worth?

    My buddies dad is selling a 1998-99 seadoo xp with a brand new motor. He recently had all the gauges replaced and a new starter button.Was wandering how much I should pay? The outside of the ski is in good condition.
  5. Reardon41

    Intresting discovery today?!?

    hello all, first post here lol i plan to "show off" my project soon but anyways a buddy of mine picked up a 96 xp last weekend and we decided to check a few things today. Upon pulling the carbs off we found something not so good. i have no clue how it happened but id like to get a little input...
  6. R

    rave valve ???

    Hi guys This is my first 787 engine Gtx 96 Today I remove the rave valves to cleaning and I found that the guillotines was broken or someone cut it What it is the function of this valve ??? The engine turn freely
  7. J

    1996 Sea-Doo GTX won't start up. Please Help

    I have a 1996 Sea-Doo GTX with a new SBT engine that has never been used on the water. It has about 5 minutes on it. I installed the engine and was able to start and run it while flushing with the garden hose. I turned it off because it was idling too high between 4000/5000 RPMs per the tach...
  8. khint93

    Seadoo X-4 Georgia meet up

    Hey guys im new to the forum and was wondering how many of us there are on Lake Lanier?! we should meet up once it gets warm enough to enjoy the water.
  9. J

    1999 GSX Rfi Questions

    I'm looking at buying a 99 gsx rfi with the 787 engine for $1700 with a decent double trailer (no rust, nice tires). I've got a 98 gsx limited and I wasn't sure how complicated the 787 rfi was compared to the carb'd 951. Is there anything bad about the rfi? It is a very clean seadoo with 109...
  10. M

    787 RAVE Valve Missing Nut

    Broke the threaded stem on one of my RAVE valves, when I removed the top end, the other end went into the bottom of the boat cavity. I ordered the new valve and a couple of parts that melted, but did not order the plunger. The plunger looked good, did not think about the nut being part of the...
  11. moto17

    97 challenger carb mod

    I am going to put new carbs on my 97 challenger ,It has one 787 that I rebuilt and this year I hope to freshen it up even more.I would love to know any ones thoughts on either going with the stock Mikuni 40mm super BN carbs or setting it up with Hi Performance Super BNs that are 44mm . Would...