1999 GSX Rfi Questions

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I'm looking at buying a 99 gsx rfi with the 787 engine for $1700 with a decent double trailer (no rust, nice tires). I've got a 98 gsx limited and I wasn't sure how complicated the 787 rfi was compared to the carb'd 951. Is there anything bad about the rfi? It is a very clean seadoo with 109 hours, so I think it is a pretty good price. The impeller/pump are in good shape and has a compression of 160 psi in each cylinder. The main thing I'm worried about is the reliability of the rfi system since I've heard they are expensive to replace. Thanks in advance for any input!
Actually, the components of the rfi system aren't all of that expensive, as a lot of the parts convert to car parts and you can usually buy them at auto parts store. The DIs are the expensive ones. How much does it cost to totally go through the fuel system and replace all [MENTION=3463]Grizz[/MENTION]400 ?
If the injectors are good, it is cheaper to go through the fuel system on an rfi then a twin carbed ski. Advance auto carries all the parts, fuel pump, and screens. If you need fuel injectors they are about $65 each. The OEM rectifiers are the only real issue with the rfi, they were not built heavy enough to handle the extra electronics. Replace that for about $75 with a heavy duty one or 4 tec one.

Read through this thread, it explains alot.

:agree: i just bought my gsx rfi a few mo ago with a bad motor so i haven't run my ski yet. what i do know is the 787 is one of the best 2 strokes power to reliability rotax put out. theoretically, the fuel injection on the rfi should be just as reliable as a car/truck with fuel injection which shares same components. some say that you need a candoo or budds scanner to diagnose the rfi's but i believe that you can just ohm test the sensors which is pretty easy to do to trouble shoot along with a fuel pressure gauge to test the fuel delivery. (if i.m wrong please correct me.) but need a scanner to reset the throttle position sensor if and when needed. dealer quoted me $35.00 to reset mine. fuel injectors are cheaper than buying new carbs or about the same price if rebuilding them. the up side is install new injectors and ride. no tinkering with carb settings. i myself believe i am going to be very happy owning an rfi, the downside like others say is the weak rectifier. but that can be remedied by replacing it with one from a 4 tec from osd. the other upside is on the rfi is that the air fuel mixture is automatically done via sensors and mpem when going from low to high altitudes and visa versa.
I have owned my 2000 gsx rfi for about a year now and love it. ski starts and runs every time. when I bought it the owner had the front part of the motor apart and said it needed a stator. found one for about $90.00 put it together and have run it ever since. motor has 150 comp on both sides and just reached 300 hrs. Only issue with machine is if I run it hard and for a long time it will stall out at idle once and a while but not all the time. will always start right back up so I can live with it for what I paid for it.
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