1. B

    2011 RXT 260 IBR Light on and going into limp mode

    Good Evening, I recently purchase a 2011 RXT 260 and am having some issues with it. Not exactly sure what parts are on it but it has been modified. Once it is started it runs perfect, once it hits around 7,500 rpms the IBR light comes on in the dash/cluster and goes into limp mode. Then...
  2. NPack

    New Display(?) Killed My Speed & RPM - Sounds Funny

    Hey folks, My 2007 Sea-Doo RXT used to sound very deep and throaty with a consistent low rumble; it would consistently hit ~68mph out on flat water, accelerated great, hit 8k rpms, everything was good. End of last season, I put new oil, spark plugs, and a new display in and then winterized it...
  3. B

    '96 Speedster stearing problem, right engine less rpms

    I love my Speedster, but this year she is going through some stress. I do not have the manuel which doesn't help. If anyone can help with these problems please do: - stearing wheel doesn't feel tight anymore and barely turns right. However it trys to slowly turn right while driving straight...
  4. euro_wake

    RPMs hanging

    My RPMs are hanging around 3500-4500 around the dock. When you take it out it runs good but at low speed like around docks and putting the boat on the trailer the RPMs Hang and wont die back to idle speed. I adjusted the throttle the day before it had went limp by tightening the screw. But i...
  5. W

    2005 Challenger 180 Fuel Filter?

    Where is the Fuel filter on a single engine Challenger 180? Is there more than one? I want to change it and possibly add another one, I read on this forum the Purolater F20011 or Fram G-2 is the ones to get. My boat runs at 7k rpms one day and another at 7500rpms, where its is suppose to run...
  6. sethsmind

    1996 GTX - Idle jumps 1K to 2K rpm .... let go of throttle and dies?

    An easy test to see if it's the rectifier is disconnect the red wire and see if the problem clears. The rectifier is located in the front E-box next to the MPEM.
  7. R

    2008 rxp problems

    I have a 2008 rxp supercharged (44hr on it) and I am having several problems, or one problem? Sometime in the summertime I noticed the pwc wouldn't always start on the first try but I would have to press the button several times before the starter would turn over and everything would be fine...
  8. D

    left engine loses rpms, continuous beep- then overheats

    this is a 2006 utopia with twin rotax engines. above 6000 rpm the left engine loses rpms, then the buzzer goes off, and the overheat light comes on. i shut down the engine, wait a few minutes, start it up, and it comes on only to do the same thing. at lower rpms, the buzzer comes on after a...
  9. N

    1999 xp limited won't go passed 5k RPMS

    First of all i would like to say hello to all. I bought my first jet ski 3 months ago in Denver. Its a 1999 XP Limited. I was glad to see such a web site with so many experinced people involed. Ok to the problem Memorial Weekend was the first time out. So i got her out on the water warmed her...
  10. G

    1998 GSX Limited RPM dropping

    Hey everyone last weekend I took the GSX out to the lake for the first time this year... This happened http://www.seadooforum.com/showthread.php?p=113914#post113914 Long story short in that thread, hull filled up about 1/3 of the way with water, got it all drained within 5 minutes and...