1. G

    WOT testing

    I have a 1995 GTX 657x Seadoo. Last time we had it out it cut out after 20 seconds at wide open throttle, but would idle just fine. I replaced all the grey fuel lines, replaces the fuel selector and rebuilt the carbs (one filter was 1/2 pluggend the other 1/4 plugged with gunk) with new...
  2. Rsteil

    2012 seadoo challenger 210 single engine won't Rev, rpm won't max

    Hey guys, new to the forum but I've been looking through and trying to see if anyone has ran into this... Problem is kindof messing up the family vacation! Boat will launch after initial start and Rev right up to 7800-8000rpm... Then if I run flat at about 30 seconds it backs off and won't...
  3. D

    1989 Sea Doo 600 SP vintage NO SPARK

    Hi guys i just did up a nice 89 sea doo 600 sp. I rode it 3 times scince i finished it i love how light and nimble it is compared to my slt780. However i just got it out of storage and it has no spark. Ran fine when i winterized it. So i got my clymer service manual out and opened up the...
  4. M

    95 GTX starts, idles, wont rev high enough to plane

    Was running fine until my dad sucked up some rope. He pulled it up on the dock and turned it on its side to get the rope out. All the rope appears to be gone and he said he rode it afterwards but when I went to ride it wont rev up enough to get up on plane - goes like 10 mph maybe. Everything...
  5. W

    2004 Seadoo XPDI quits at ~5300 rpm

    2004 seadoo xpdi with around 50 hours. Can't get the ski past 5300 rpm in the water. Revs fine out of water. Tops out between 41-43 mph. Background: Got the ski about 4 years ago and ran fine. One day friend sucked up a rope so we turned it over to cut rope out (in water). Once rope was...
  6. B

    1995 speedster high engine rev no power help

    I just bought a 1995 speedster and took it out for the first time. At low RPM, 3500, or less both engine show the same RPM and sound and feel like they have equal thrust. As I started to throttle up, the left engine would shoot to 6,000 to 7,000 rpm while the right was steadily working...
  7. katierage

    1995 Seadoo Bombardier XP - more than 1 rider "boggs down" feels stuck at 4 RPM?

    Having a problem with my 1995 Seadoo Bombardier XP. (well, actually, a lot of problems but this seems most important) Alright, the engine sounds fine but when more than one rider gets on (or 1 heavy rider gets on) there is a certain point at acceleration, seems to be around 4 or 5 RPM, where the...
  8. G

    revs uncontrollably

    well, before I burn this thing. I just replaced all my fuel lines and cleaned the filters in the carbs. Now when It's running I can rev it and it will hold its rpm's for about 30 secs or even rev higher then it will go back down to an idle. I can see my idle stop and the butterflies are closing...