1. NoSoup4U

    02' GTX DI - Melted Regulator Fuse and Dead Battery

    Hello All, First I want to thank you all for your information on helping me by researching everyone else's issues with their skis. I frequent this site often for information but have never posted before... until now! I wanted to post this problem and keep this thread updated as I work to...
  2. F

    Oil Alarm continous beep issue GTX 155

    Hi all, I am new to this forum, I am having an OIL Alarm issue. I own a GTX 155 2008, last weekend after running fine (at 50-70 kmh) for 20 mins*OIL*sign poped up and had a continous long beep. Turned off the engine right away and gave it a try once again and engine started and sounded...
  3. G

    GTX Battery Not Charging

    I posted this, verbatim, to the Sea-Doo GTX Facebook group, and got great responses that were very helpful in understanding where to start, and what to look for; but was advised to open up to what the plethora of experts in this forum has to offer. Here goes: "Need help, you guys. Joe...
  4. DooWacka

    2001 GTX DI not charging - NOT Rec/Reg ?!

    The problem with the DI not charging has always been the Rectifier/Regulator for me, and most everyone. I have two 2001 GTX DI, and I have subbed the Rec/Regs around to verify they both work in the "good" DI. I measure 13.5v at idle, increasing with rpm. I even tried a new Rec/Reg I have. I...
  5. Gamerse

    +1 for DB Electrical of Gray TN

    $36.00 shipped, ordered it through their e-bay store monday (the 5th) it came in today. Credit card sized i.d. at the bottom for size reference. Packed like it was glass. :) :cheers: Ernest
  6. A

    Stripped Regulator Block Screw Insde Of Carb

    Title says it all, I was doing my first ever carb rebuild following qstorms guide and I stripped one of the regulator block screws and the other one is really rusted. No idea where to go from here. Should I use PB blaster on the rusted screw? What should I do to remove the stripped screw without...
  7. C

    RXT-X Radio / Regulator Question

    Regulator / Rectifier Question Charging Help anyone? Guys, I have a simple question. I am going to hook up a sony marine radio on my RXT-X 2008 PWC. I am going to add a second battery in parrallel to help out. I have not decided if I will need a battery isolator or not yet. All I have is 1 set...
  8. L

    96 Challenger 787 Water Pressure Regulator Valve Adjustment

    Hey guys, My water pressure regulator valve was leaking so I pulled it off the resonator to clean it. I unscrewed the needle from the bottom of it. I know the adjustment of the valve is critical. How do I know how far to screw in the needle? The service manual doesn't state it...