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    98 GSX Limited starting issues

    :mad: Hello all. I'm a new member and I've seen a couple other threads on this topic but none of them seemed to come to a solution. I'm hoping you can help. I've got two GSX Limited (5625) that have been sitting for a few years. (winterized correctly and under cover outdoors) I wanted to get...
  2. L

    DESS Key or DESS key post problem? 97 GTX

    Hello. I am new to this forum. Recently picked up a pair of 97 GTX's. One of them runs great all day. The other one, however will run for a bit, 100 feet or so and shuts off. Sometimes you can go across the whole pond fine, but then it dies. Unplug and or jiggle the saftey key and it will...
  3. J

    1996 XP Post Question

    My post is going bad in my 787 1996 XP. I have a post from a 1998 GTX and a 2000 GTX Millenium Edition. Will either or both of these work? Thank yall! :D
  4. M

    4 Short Beeps... Lanyard NOT On Post

    Hi - I recently purchased a 2004 SeaDoo RXP. After it was sitting in my driveway for about 8-10 hours, all of a sudden it started beeping 4 short beeps followed by a pause, and then 4 short beeps again. It did this continuously. I couldn't get it to stop, so I disconnected the battery. I...
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    03 GTX bad Sensor Key

    Hey Guys Have an 03 GTX 4-TEC that went died on me. After alot of trouble shooting, from what I found on this forum, I was able to find the problem.. Went to launch the ski the other day and out of the blue, it was completely dead. I put the landyard key in and nothing, no beeps or gauges...
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    dess / mpem info

    I just need some clarification of what runs on dess/mpem (and what would need reprogramming) by swapping out. In the front box of my 96 gtx it has mpem, rectifier, and starter relay. So i know the relay and rectifier should not have any impact if i was to swap those. Dess key?, Dess key...
  7. B

    gtx key bypass

    anyone know how to get rid of that damn poor design of a post and key. I have 31 hours and have nothing but problems with the post and key making a connection to start the seadoo. there must be a way to bypass that code and put in the old fashion ring or clip so when you fall off the boat stops...
  8. K

    DESS, bad post or just dirt?

    Hello, Last season I went to winterize my skis and the one(1997 GTX) would not start. It worked a few weeks before that and I decided to wait until this spring to fix the problem. This weekend I decided to start looking at the ski again and I am a little confused by the problem. I connected...