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  1. seadoontstart

    1996 XP No Beep and No Start but Good DESS Post

    Good afternoon all, I recently purchased a 1996 Seadoo XP. At the point of sale, it fired up immediately and beeped twice as normal. Seller mentioned it had not beeped once for him just recently, but it went away and suspected it was a DESS issue. Before taking it to the lake, I had swapped...
  2. 2StrokeBoatGuy

    "NO BEEP"1996 Challenger New Starter relay, bilge works, fan works, and cranks when relay is bypassed.

    The following video shows my 1996 Seadoo Challenger with a brand new engine in 2022 and has me detailing the whole current issue regarding my key when connected to post only generates a very light click (as in low volume) sound near the MPEM, i believe... also when i hit the start stop button...
  3. Prof. Sloth

    1996 SPX No Signs Of Life

    Hey guys, I've been working on my 96 SPX but I've exhausted all available YouTube tutorials. It was running great last summer and then one day, mid ride, it just died on me. There's no lights on in the console or any crank sounds. I tested my battery and it's fine so I tested the Starter...
  4. A

    1996 GTI no beep no start

    Hey everybody, I got a 1996 GTI at the beginning of the summer and it ran great all summer and then I went to take it out during Memorial Day weekend and it does not beep when I put the key on the post and doesn’t even crank over or even click. Battery is fairly new I got it less than 2 months...
  5. cam2rich

    No beep, no power

    Hello, I was just given a 96 GSX with a seized motor and a rear electrical box full of water. I freed the motor and checked compression (shockingly it had 162 165), replaced the starter solenoid as the post was corroded, the two smaller ring terminals that go the the battery cable post, and the...
  6. R

    Challenger 230 se 2007 No spark and no double beep

    Hi All i have a Challenger 230 se 2007, the boat took on water and starter on the starboard motor stopped working, i have replaced that and it is turning fine now, I have also drained and flushed the oil to make sure there is not water. Now I dont have any double beep on putting the lanyard...
  7. N

    1996 Seadoo XP won't start, turn over, nothing

    I recently purchased a 1996 seadoo XP and when I first bought it the fuel pickup and steering cable were not functional so I replaced both of those no problem. Now I got a new battery charged it up plugged it in and when I inserted the key to the ski I got 2 beeps. That was great accept when...
  8. G

    97 challenger 1800 beeps as fuse blows

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  9. I

    2007 4Tec GTI No Beep, no start

    Hi. I bought a 2007 4Tec GTI NA. Engine was shot. Rebuilt the engine. All fuses are good. When I put the lanyard in, the display lights up for 3 seconds and disappeared, but the “SEA DOO” text stays on as long as the key/lanyard is plugged in. I checked the power relay, it does click/switch...
  10. I

    GTX Ltd is dead!!

    Hi all, I've just joined your great forum! I have a 1998 GTX Ltd Ski. The Mpem has been replaced, but when a connect the lanyard key it beeps twice as normal then 10 seconds later it does a long beep and 20 more seconds later it switchs off! During this i press the start button and nothing...
  11. P

    Challenger 1800 no beep again no relay click

    Hallo I still have problem. Thought that problem was solved with a new battery. I went to the sea and it did work perfect. 2 weeks after. No beeb at all. Fuses was fine, battery full. But did charge it. Have looked true the electric wiring and did check the power and ground it was good in...