1. A

    Novi Maxflow 46 Jetting Help - 951

    Hey everyone! As the jetski season gets closer here in Michigan I'm beginning to work on getting things squared away on my big bore GSXL build this year. The general setup will be a bored/stroked/ported 951 up to 1100cc, Miller head, Coffman pipe, and a set of Novi Maxflow 46 carbs. Does...
  2. ettinger411015

    98 seadoo gsxl no beep gauges not working

    Hi guys. I have a 98 seadoo gsxl. Engine runs great, starts every time. But no beep when placing key and gauges aren’t working. Was told by repair shop that there is power to the gauges but they’re not working. Any suggestions?
  3. J

    98 GSX Limited Losing RPM at WOT after 10 seconds

    I've had this 98 GSX Limited for several years now. Everything has been good on the ski. I winterized the ski last fall, just like every year and am having an issue this spring. At WOT the ski runs strong at 6700 RPM for about 10 seconds and then goes down to about 5500 RPM. If you keep on it...
  4. B

    RESTO 99' GSXL Red/Black/White

    Got this project at the end of the summer last year. It needed a new motor, a computer, and a resonator. Finally started on it this year and it is nearly finished. And as always we covered it in stickers. Isn't finished yet because the computer needs to be keyed. Which should be getting done...
  5. K

    A bed time story for you.. 99 GSX issues

    Hello everyone. I am writing this because of several reasons: So that my experiences will not be lost and maybe some out there, other than me, can learn from them. and besides that, I just need to ventilate and my girlfriend is sick of me talking about the Doo. In the spring of...
  6. L

    rave valve bellows keep blowing off

    hey i changed my rave valve bellows and the caps and top retaining springs rings that hold them on...put the seadoo in the water and at wot i got my top speed and max rpm 7080 for about 10 secs then it drops right down to 6400 rpm and about 61 mph on the speedo instead of the 70 i was just...
  7. S

    Advanced MPEM Help Needed-98GSXL

    Background: I have been trying to troubleshoot a problem I created by connecting a battery charger to my ski and cranking it right after I purchased it and it immediatly started blowing the 5A fuse. I replaced the MPEM with a used unit off this site and it continues to blow the 5A fuse...
  8. N

    1997.5 GSX Limited Bogging Out

    Hi all this is my first post and i could really use some help here! Ive got a 97.5 gsxl (yea i know) lol and i just put a freshly rebuilt 951 in last week..i replaced all of the grey fuel lines, bypassed the fuel selector switch, fresh plugs ect. and when i go out im not getting full power...ill...