1. D

    2007 rxp 215 cluster

    Recently purchased a used 2007 rxp 215 from marketplace. The cluster is very cracked and not functional. I’m looking to replace it but not trying to pay the $900+ for a new one. The part number on mine is 278002217 and I notice that the 278002270 are quite similar even in connection. Wondering...
  2. S

    2003 RXDI digital speedometer

    The analog speedometer is working fine but the digital speedo is erratic and reads 0 mph at times. Bouncing all over the place from 27 to 52 etc while the analog stays steady. Started out riding yesterday it wasn’t working at all then when it came to life I noticed how erratic it was reading...

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  4. C

    99 GSX Limited Info Gauge Problem

    Hello all, Yesterday I picked up my first PWC a 1999 Sea Doo GSX Limited. It’s in really good shape and runs well but has one issue. The info gauge is not working properly and I have attached a picture to show this. The speedometer works perfectly fine. Also, when I attach they key it makes a...
  5. B

    Need some suggestions on a 2008 RXT X255 that won't start

    First, thanks for even reading this thread. It is going to be along one, but I don't know how to ask a question for help without giving up all that I know at this point. I am hopefull that people smarter than me will read through this and point me in the right direction (or even a couple of...
  6. J

    2004 GTX Speedometer/Tach Off Help!

    Hi guys! I just replaced my LCD on my 2004 Wake, when I plug the cluster back in it sits idle at 20 MPH and 3000 RPM, how can I "re-zero"/calibrate it back to sitting at zero where it should? Thanks in advance!
  7. D


    Hi everyone...I am having an issue with my gauge on my 2000 seadoo gsx rfi. Currently Ive been riding the ski with the gauge disconnected. When it is connected it displays "888" (like it's resetting or something) and everything is lit up on the gauge. It also stays lit up like that when the...
  8. 94samson

    Info Center gauge

    Pulled the info gauge out of my 1996 GSX to try to get it to work after repairing the VTS system so I can tell the position. The picture below is what I discovered. When I bought the ski the gauge and VTS did not work. I purchased a repair kit but don't think that it is going to help my GSX...
  9. 2

    MPH, Fuel, depth on cluster question......

    So on my 07 GTI 130 I get hours and RPM...thats about it. When the fuel is low it beeps, but there is not a fuel display like you would have on a car telling you how much gas you have. No MPH readings, or depth. Basically the whole right side of the cluster doesn't do anything. Question is...
  10. Kwik_uk

    TTO tach options for a '99 GTI

    Hi guys, I was just about to buy a TTO tach for my GTI, but stopped just short to consider options. Being the GTI I can't easily install an OEM gauge & infocenter plus 3 gauge hood due to my MPEM, so I was looking at an aftermarket option like this. Ideally I was going to install it...
  11. DooAltekruse

    Not just another fuel gauge problem-1995 XP

    I'm baffled or very unlucky. The fuel gauge on my '95 XP powers on as expected with all bars showing as well as other lights but it indicates no fuel in tank. I've read the other posts on this topic and fixed the fuel sensor in prior years by gluing the magnet back on. I have 2 of these...
  12. chamilton89

    Analog to Digital Fuel Gauge

    I currently have a 93 SPX with an analog fuel gauge and oil warning light. I was considering replacing it with a digital fuel gauge which includes a overheat warning light as well. I believe everything other than this light is plug and play. From the wiring diagrams I have seen from the two...
  13. lamajama

    2002 GTX Fogged Gauge Cluster

    I see from perusing other threads on here that the early 4-tecs have had issues with fogging/moisture in the gauge clusters. This has now started to occur in my 2002 GTX. So far no issues electrically but I'm sure it's coming.... Short of replacing the cluster as suggested by some ($750+...
  14. B

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  15. Dave Sportster LE Boat

    New Fuel Gauge but wires don't match? Please Help.................

    Hi Guys, I bought 3 second hand gauges for my 2003 Sportster LE 951 carb boat. The Speedo and Rev Counter wires matched perfect and work a treat however the Fuel gauge wires are different :mad: My original fuel gauge has 5 wires: 1 x black 1 x pink 1 x light purple 1 x light blue 1...
  16. Brad Ramirez

    96 SPI Doo with Single Gauge Hood - SoCal Craigslist

    Hey Guys, I know how many of you love the single gauge hood so I though Id share this SoCal Craigslist ad. Looks like its in damn good condition. No Motor condition detail though... Doo On! :cheers: -Brad
  17. GregShu

    WTB speedometer sensor kit for 97 GSI

    I am looking for a SPEEDOMETER/TEMPERATURE GAUGE KIT (P/N 295 500 466) which I am led to believe by the install instructions is comparable with my 1997 GSI. Thank you.
  18. W

    How can I remove the 2008 seadoo GTI Gauge, my speedometer start fading

    How can I remove the 2008 seadoo GTI Gauge, my speedometer start fading. Do you know why this happen? it is just one digit of speedometer all the other instruments works fine. thank you
  19. G

    GTX Battery Not Charging

    I posted this, verbatim, to the Sea-Doo GTX Facebook group, and got great responses that were very helpful in understanding where to start, and what to look for; but was advised to open up to what the plethora of experts in this forum has to offer. Here goes: "Need help, you guys. Joe...
  20. 9

    95 GTS Gauge

    I have a 95 Seadoo GTS with the standard fuel, low Oil Gauge. Can I upgrade to a new digital gauge and all the functions on the new gauge work or would I just be wasting my money on the new gauge? The reason for the replacement is that my fuel gauge does not work anymore and I would like to...