engine swap

  1. J

    Engine Swapping Challenger 180 i have some questions

    soo.. i purchased a 2005 Seadoo challenger 180, the boat came with no engine. I purchased a 2008 seadoo speedster engine and i was wondering how do i swap this engine into my challenger.
  2. A

    1995 speedster engine swap

    Situation: I was able to get a 1995 speedster for $800. One engine is bad and the other is questionable. I came across a deal for 2 engines shafts, props and housings Including the control computer for the pair for $1000 The replacements are 711cc off of a 97 speedster. What issues will I run...
  3. D

    2004 SeaDoo RXP Engine Swap Problem

    Hello, I just replaced my 2004 RXP 215HP with a 2011 260 Horsepower engine, I received the engine with the crank and the cam gears already in place, stated in description of eBay that it was a good running engine, I reused my old flywheel (used new flywheel bolts) and reused the back cover, now...
  4. E

    95 spx, needs top end but can't find parts, found used motor claimed to be running but seems to cheap. Help

    Have a 95 SPX that needs a top end rebuild. New to PWC last year, know a little bit mechanically but not enough to decide how to move forward. My local Sea-Doo outfit said the machines too old for them to work on and also said the top end rebuild kit is discontinued. I found somebody to work on...
  5. realrippnn

    1994 SP 587/XP 717 Engine Swap, is it possible?

    Good afternoon fellow rippers! New to this forum... I have a 587 SP that lost compression. I have an XP 717 ski lined up to buy to do an engine swap, just trying to get as much info as I can on what I need to do it/ if it's even possible. The computer is bad on the 717 so hopefully thats not an...
  6. Lake Sailor

    717 r & r

    Good day gurus, 717 engine R&R, '97 GTI, thinking about taking it on myself. Got a shop manual, have read thru it, read stuff on the site, still have some questions tho. I kind of plan on keeping this thread alive for a while, while I ask questions, get answers, move on to more questions, etc...
  7. C

    587 657 engine swap question.

    Hey everyone first post here. I've been working on seadoos for a while but encountered this today. Customer brought in a 1993 seadoo xp with a blown 657 (non-x) engine. I had a perfect 587 from a 1996 spi that I swapped in. I did ll the normal stuff, jet pump service and engine alignment, new...
  8. D

    1993 to 1991 bombardier yellow to white engine swap help needed

    Hello, I am new to this site and pwc's but have quite a bit of experience with engines...as I am an R&D technician for Stihl. I have several questions regarding an engine swap I am attempting...hopefully someone can help. BTW, this is a low/no budget project, I have a manual, and I don't have...
  9. N

    Hopeful engine swap.

    I have the option to buy a 1995 gts for $300 because of a bad crank. I was wondering if I could swap the gts for a gtx engine. Any help would be great. The place that I would be buying the motor from said that it would fit the same as the original gts engine. Thank you