engine rebuild

  1. vpinzon

    Secondary oil pump cover too tight

    Rebuilding the engine I decided to rebuild both oil pumps but the secondary oil pump cover is to tight to fit easily over the gear. It also once put together prevents the engine from turning over by hand. Is this normal or is the oil pump cover not made properly on this replacement kit.
  2. pirrone8

    GTX 4-Tec Melting Piston?

    First time using this forum so I'm looking forum to this. Anyways, I have a 2013 GTX 215 I bought for $1000 that had a bad output sleeve driveshaft and motor mounts. I replaced all broken items did an alignment and all was running well for the next 15 hours. Went to change the spark plugs and...
  3. E

    Engine rebuild cylinder gasket

    I recently rebuilt a 787 engine and am now doing a second engine. The rebuild kit has a crankcase to cylinder gasket. The gasket has no cutouts for the PTO and Mag side holes on the crankcase. Water doesn't flow through the crankcase but there would be heat transferred to the area if water was...
  4. deNick

    240EFI Challenger 2000 '01 engine issues after rebuild

    Hello! Got some issues with my challenger 2000 (240efi) after rebuild engine was installed. (rebuild after been heated and broken two lower pistons, stbrd and port) The engine starts and idles pretty good, runs smoothly up to 2000 rpm. At 2500 rpm - engine rattles, jerks and loses power...
  5. 9

    Beginning 98 XP Limited Project Rebuild

    Hey everybody, Just bought a fairly good condition 98 XP Limited Seadoo. Got a great price on it with a brand new Triton aluminum trailer. Just wondering if you guys would be able to give me some direction on this project, the XP hull is in great condition, however does not run, checked...
  6. R

    97 787 rebuild

    I have been rebuilding the 787 for about a month now. the reason for doing it was cause it wouldnt start and one of the cylinders was showing 90 compression while the other 155. well the top of that piston had dents in it everywhere ands even in the head. I pulled the piston off thinking that...
  7. R

    puller tool for a 787 flywheel

    I am looking for the right tool to pull the flywheel off of a 787 engine from my 97 xp. i dont know if its part number 290-876-488 or 295-000-106 or 290-876-298. i no the thread has to be on the inside of the puller but the 295-000-106 seems the most logical but its thread is on the outside...
  8. Q

    1999 gtx rfi engine problem

    This ski would crank up and run great in the water for about 10 minutes, then die. Try to restart and it would crank very slowly and not fire up. Took it to local Seadoo dealer who said one of the cylinders was scuffed, and after running for a while, piston was seizing up in this cylinder; he...