electrical problems

  1. K

    2007 RXT various issues

    I have a used 2007 RXT 215 and I have been having no end of problems. I have changed a lot of parts including the ECU, gauge cluster, main harness, engine harness, and various sensors. After installing the new ECU, battery, and gauge cluster, I'm getting low voltage and low fuel messages (even...
  2. K

    Not beep, battery is full!

    Hi, I went to check the fuel quantity in my boat before to go on the water and guess what. No beep for the DESS key at all. I can't check the gas quantity. I switched the radio to on to see if the battery is ok and yes, I have power. I tried to start the engine and no success at all. After...
  3. N

    1996 Seadoo XP won't start, turn over, nothing

    I recently purchased a 1996 seadoo XP and when I first bought it the fuel pickup and steering cable were not functional so I replaced both of those no problem. Now I got a new battery charged it up plugged it in and when I inserted the key to the ski I got 2 beeps. That was great accept when...
  4. dothadoo

    Sportster electrical issues

    I have a 2003 sportster 4tec 155hp. I have an issue with blowing fuses. All three of my switches to the right of the steering wheel do not work. Right now the one that constantly blows the fuses is the switch on the far right. Not 100% sure what it is supposed to be for as it is not labeled...
  5. T

    96' Speedster with "electrical problem" won't start..???

    Hi guys, first off let me introduce myself as this is my first post. Im TDK im here in sunny Orlando, Florida. I am a novice boater and am just starting to get my feet wet. My question: I am looking at possible purchasing a 1996 Speedster from a guy who says the boat was running great but now...
  6. P

    No beeps challenger 100

    No beeps challenger 1800 Im in Denmark and we have problem getting our seadoo problems fixed there is not so many. I have a seadoo challenger 1999 with 2 engines. I have seen another that have the same problem as me so it paste his describtion here belove. he´s better in writing english then...
  7. D

    2006 seadoo challenger 180 cs - 2 beeps - nothing happens

    I took my boat out today (2006 seadoo challenger 180 cs). Put it in the water and the boat fired right up. Drove around for about 20-30mins..ran great. I then shut it off to take a little break and when I went to start it back up, nothing happened. I put the landard on and got the normal 2...
  8. N

    96 speedster problems

    Hello, i bought a 96 speedster and put a new battery in and as some as i put the positive cable to the positve battery post the left engine cranks. I thought it was the selonoid so i bought a new one. Still the same results. Except when i unplugged the stitch that comes from the mpem that runs...