1. pele2210

    ECU will not prime fuel pumps

    I have a 2001 Islandia and for the life of me I can't get the ECU to prime the fuel pumps. I can bridge the relay and they all kick on. They just will not kick on when I start the boat. But the DDT shows the Fuel pumps with no voltage. EPOM passes and all is good in the DDT except the fuel...
  2. Davester32

    2004 Seadoo GTX - Corroded pins on connector to computer

    Brought my machine in to have something done. They fixed that, but now they are telling me a new issue 'developed'. They said the connector to the computer has eroded pins. It ran when i brought it in, but I can't fault them if they took the connector off and the pins turned to dust (i'll give...
  3. C

    electrical gremlin - 2004 gtx

    Hi guys - I'm a newbie to this forum and pwc's in general. I'm also fairly technically and mechanically useless! :) So now that I've gotten that out of the way, I wanted to describe my issue. I purchased this unit earlier this spring and have had issues with it since. I have had someone...
  4. Acekash

    99 Speedster twin 787 mpem

    Hi everyone happy I found this forum and clearly see alot of communication and helpful individuals on here. I have a 99 speedster with the twin 787s and have lost spark to my starboard side engine. I have tested every thing including even switching everything from one engine to the other no...
  5. B

    2008 Seadoo GTI Fault Codes (P0261, P0264, P0267)

    Hello - each time I ride my 2008 Sea-Doo GTI 130, after about an hour of riding I get injector short to ground codes (P0261, P0264, P0267). However, nothing happens to the skis performance. It doesn't sputter, cutoff, or misfire. I find it odd that it takes so much time for the codes to occur...
  6. O

    Seadoo Challenger 2000 Mercury 240 EFI Injectors 1 and 2 spraying wide open with key on, not cranking

    Hoping someone can help. So Ive been all over this engine lately trying to figure out why it wouldn't start, Found bad trigger wires coming from trigger assembly and replaced it. The moment I tried to start it, it fired right up. Think I probably cranked it 4 or five times in a couple hours...
  7. anthonymsaad

    Challenger 210 SE Sound system/Amplifier causing issues with ECMs

    For those that recall many months ago, I had the boat with an ECM that wouldn't power down and kept resetting the odometer to the last saved value. This post is long, I'm sorry. Just really confused as to what is going on. Apparently no one at BRP, among their experts, ever saw an ECM unable to...
  8. M

    07 GTX Std starting issue

    I have a 2007 gtx std that is having an intermittent issue "waking up" the ECU when I place the lanyard on the DESS post. My first thought was that the DESS post and or lanyard were bad. I pinned out the wires from the DESS post at the connection under the front compartment and it ohms good...
  9. B

    717/720 Electrical Box MPEM SPX XP GTX HX EXPLORER computer ecu 278000423, 278001134

    For sale 717/720 ELECTRICAL BOX in a perfect condition
  10. K

    2005 3D RFI 1 cylinder not firing, Testing with Candoo Pro. Faulty ECM???

    trying to track down a fault on my 3D RFI. only runs on 1 cylinder constantly. Connected candoo pro and when individually activating coils with plugs removed and earthed can only get 1 to spark. Tested resistance in wiring between coil and ECM and both test perfect (0 ohms), but only 1 will fire...
  11. russellb

    2002 gtx di ecu

    I have a 2002 GTX DI that is at the PWC mechanics shop. It did not run when I got it. It has had a remanufactured engine put in and has had the jet pump rebuilt and the impeller sent out pitch checked and balanced. Mechanic says everything is done but it is not getting any spark. He is saying it...
  12. T

    04 gtx 4 tec supercharged owners

    Was hoping I could get a connection verified on this ski. It's the one inside the front compartment that is behind the access panel towards the front of the ski. It's the one that runs to the gauge cluster. I am having some elec. issues but the ski runs fine. I am currently not getting any...
  13. L

    Have the Hin, but can't tell the model..GTI/GTS?? Don't know

    How can one tell please? Its critical as the mechanic here in Trinidad and Tobago is saying we need a new harness and when I look up what I believe the seadoo is (a GTI) It says we have the right harness and before I rip him a new one for lying, I need to know FOR SURE, what my Seadoo...
  14. W

    1996 Sea-Doo GTX won't crank

    Hi everyone, So I accidentally reversed the polarity from my battery in the dark. Now the engine won't crank. I found one blown fuse and replaced it. Please don't tell me I destroyed my ECU? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Dan