2004 Seadoo GTX - Corroded pins on connector to computer

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Brought my machine in to have something done. They fixed that, but now they are telling me a new issue 'developed'. They said the connector to the computer has eroded pins. It ran when i brought it in, but I can't fault them if they took the connector off and the pins turned to dust (i'll give them the benefit of the doubt that that is what happened)

I know how to solder. Any idea where i might get a donor board of some sort to get some new pins off of it? The pins must be the same size or shape as something else that is out there?

I'm hoping someone might know the answer. Thanks in advance!
While replacing the pins is possible, it is not an easy task to get the ECU apart and cleaned up to even get to the pins.

It's very unlikely that the pins have turned to dust when they took it apart. Generally it will start having issues long before that. The pins can corrode but normally not to a point where they can't be cleaned up and reused. Sometimes it will require the female terminal side to be replaced, which is simple, to get a good connection on a slightly eroded male ECU pin.
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