1. M

    2002 RXDI sitting after water inhale

    Love the forum, and my first post. I recently picked up a 2002 RXDI with only 88.3 hours on it, but not running. Looks to be in fair shape for sitting in front of the guy's house for the last 10 years, after he let some friends use it and they got a rope sucked up in the impeller pulling a...
  2. S

    2007 RXT won't start, beeps, click, buzz

    I hope you experienced guys can help. After changing oil, filter, coolant, plugs, and charging 1-year old battery, it just clicks. Starter not turning. Beeps OK. Gauges readout OK. It says MAINT and compass direction back and forth. Main relay buzzes. It started fine just before and...
  3. Michael211_2000

    Inside of starter relay... pics!

    If you wonder what the inside of the brown OEM starter relay looks like when it starts the "click without starting" trend, here it is! Looks like the electrical contacts have developed some charring over time and it's now unable to pass current thru them when the relay is engaged? I may...
  4. J

    Steering Wheel Click

    Ok I am new the forums just bought a 2000 speedster on Monday so execuse me in advance for any incomplete informatin. Anyways like stated i have a 2000 speedster. I notice a problem where when the steering wheel is moved all the way over to the left of the right with the right amount of...
  5. L

    93 GTS won't start

    I have a 1993 Sea Doo GTS that won't start. My daughter went out to use it one day and it turned over several times but didn't start (which isn't unusual). Then she tried it again and it wouldn't turn over. The battery is fully charged and in good shape. It won't turn-over, it just clicks...
  6. B

    Engine Won't Do Anything

    I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my 1994 GTX. It was running great about 18 months ago. Brought it home from the lake without having any problems. I got a new battery for it just last week. I cleaned all the electrical connections and double checked all the fuses. There clearly...