1. S

    Power Washing Rotax Engine

    So I am in the process of rebuilding and cleaning my seadoo. I have removed the engine to make my life a little easier, but I noticed that it appears someone painted over the entire engine (I can see patches of the original paint. Every-time I touch the engine, paint chips get everywhere. I...
  2. bwhite

    2013 Seadoo GTI Draining foot wells?

    2013 Seadoo GTI Draining foot wells after cleaning? I recently purchased a pair of 2013 Seadoo GTI 130's in a gorgeous Lucky Green. Anyways, the issue I've noticed (when not riding, rather cleaning) is it's practically impossible to drain the foot wells. I typically would take the trailer, and...
  3. S

    How can I clean the exhaust manifold?

    Hey Everyone, I have an SBT motor coming in, and when I pulled off the exhaust manifold, the channels for the water need to be cleaned. There's just a bunch of deposits in there. How can I clean it? Can I leave it in a bucket of CLR overnight? I just want to put good stuff back on the new...
  4. L

    cleaning scale on the inside of the water jackets

    I have a 2 cycle seadoo. I have the head off right now as part of my winterizing. I have a white scale build up on the inside of the water jackets that surround the cylinders. I was thinking of using CLR (calcium, lime, rust) cleaner to clean the build up before added the antifreeze. CLR's...
  5. J

    Cleaning and Protecting

    In all my cars Ive had I use Seafoam to clean them out. Well I bought a 1996 XP and 1996 Spi and they guy who sold em to me said not to use it because there just so simple being a 2 stroke therefore theres no need. The internet says otherwise. What do yall think I should use to clean the carbs...
  6. powerslave

    Best way to clean OEM seadoo cover?

    Just bought a 95 xp, really nice but I'll post that in a different thread. It came with the original cover. It's not in bad shape at all but want to know best way about cleaning it and taking off some of the mold, mildew that is on it. Thanks.
  7. M

    Cleaning my 1997 sea doo gti after riding in the ocean

    I live about 5 minutes from the beach and i want to start riding in the ocean. Can someone please give me some tips on cleaning, flushing and caring for the sea doo after i ride in the ocean. Can i spray water into the engine compartment to rinse off the engine and internal components? Should...
  8. dustinsspace12

    Newbie bought a Seadoo, now could use some advice!!

    Hey fellow Seadoo owners. I have been wanting a PWC forever! But the Army doesnt pay enough for me to have too many toys and my Jeep takes most the money ;) -- Issue is this. I recently bought a 1993 GTS from a guy who gets them as trade ins fixes them up and sells them. The seadoo runs great...
  9. 9

    Cleraning Pistons

    I recently got some advice from a local mechanic and I just wanted to pass it along to ya'll and see if it was good/sound advice before I attempt it on my own ski... First off I have a Seadoo 97 GTS with a 717 engine... and I have noticed as of recently that the engine is not preforming as...