1. DaveinPatch

    Choke or Throttle problem

    I have a 2002 SeaDoo Sportster with Rotax engine. Just bought at the end of last year. Took it out when I bought it. Ran great. Now this year when I start up it stays running wide open like maybe the choke is stuck. Note it is running great, only wide open and won't go down to idle. I opened the...
  2. T

    Season Losing Power Unless Holding Choke

    Hey everyone, having some issues with one of my 2000 seadoo gti’s. So in the past when you accelerate, the jet ski would go and then lose power for a second and then “grab” and take off normal. We took it tubing one day and then the jet ski wouldn’t run at all later in that same day. Currently...
  3. frankiejj98

    Hard starting gtx - choke problem?

    Hi, I have a 95 gtx that is very hard to start from cold, when warm it starts up great with zero issues.... I'm not sure if I am following the proper steps for cold start to get it started the best way... the way that i seem to get it going is to just push the start button and let it crank in...
  4. DJ Dome

    Running on choke problem.. PLEASE HELP ME!

    Hey guys. I been working on my 1994 seadoo xp all summer trying to fix the carburetor/fuel problems. I followed everything to a T on this site. I rebuilt my carbs, changed all my fuel lines, changed check valves, brand new fuel filter canaster, new fuel selector, new plugs, new rectifier, new...
  5. L

    2000 Sea Doo XP - idle increases when out of water

    Just cleaned Rave valves and the XP runs great with no bogging. Got it home to flush it out after on the water. Started it up and the idle took off on its own. RPM's were over 6000. Pulled the kill switch and it didn't shut off. Had to pull the choke to stall it out. Tried it again and the idle...
  6. A

    2001 Seadoo GTX Bombardier flooded

    My 2001 Seadoo GTX Bombardier was flooded with water this morning about half way full of water in the engine compartment. I bailed all the water out, pulled the spark plugs to remove any excess water, and started up the waverunner. It took about 10 times to start up, and when it did it idled...
  7. A

    fuel pouring out jet when startup

    help me fellas. my 89sx hasnt been run since last summer. when i start it in the driveway it starts without choke really easily then fuel mixture blows out the back. sticky choke?
  8. T

    Choke and Throttle Cables

    Ok, I'm also suffering from the old grey fuel lines. Thus far, I have changed out the fuel line, cleaned out the fuel selector valve, removed the old gas and cleaned out the tank, etc. This was enough to build up my confidence, so now I am going to go for the Carbs. I have a 1996 GSX...