challenger 1800

  1. Jrf0007

    1997 Challenger 1800 running away

    I am having a problem with one of the twin 787 engines. I have been testing it on the trailer. When I start the port engine it will idle at about 3000 rpm in neutral but bogs if I try to give it more while in neutral. When I put it in forward and give it a little gas it will over rev to over...
  2. Eliasm327

    2001 seadoo challenger bogging

    Hi I recently purchased a 2001 seadoo challenger that the previous owner didn’t know the solution of the problem he told me he bought it bogging and he couldn’t fix the problem he rebuilt the carbs, new plugs, and new wiring for accessories he said there’s good compression in all cylinders what...
  3. Logantw2543

    Very high compression 787 motor

    Hello, I recently purchased a 1999 seadoo challenger 1800 with 787 engines in them. I’m having a few issues with them that I can’t figure out. 1- on one of the motors the compression readings are around 210 on each cylinder. And I’m not sure why that is. I’m no mechanic but that doesn’t seem...
  4. DaveFournier

    97 Challenger 1800 - engine starts that stops after 5 seconds - RESOLVED

    I have a 1997 Challenger 1800 with the dual 787 Rotax engines. I ran into a problem with one of the engines (left) starting then stopping after approx. 5 seconds. It was helpful to have one engine running fine as it allowed me to swap spark plugs and verify I still had a problem. In other...
  5. T

    Storing 1998 Challenger 1800 in gargage - GAS SMELL

    So i recently purchased a 1998 Challenger 1800, with the intention of storing the boat in the garage. When storing the boat, there is a definite smell of gasoline. I am not worried about ignition, more the usability of the remainder of the garage (as it is meant to be my home gym). In was...
  6. N

    Challenger 1800 Bad Engine

    Hi guys new to the forum. My names Nate. I’ve got a 1998 Challenger 1800 with 787’s in it. The port motor is hard starting but runs. I did a compression test at the end of last year and found 175psi on 3 and 55psi on the port motor rear cylinder. My brother and I just got around to pulling the...
  7. Cwescott

    Trying to get 2001 Sea Challenger with Mercury M2 EFI running!

    Bought the boat for really good price knowing it was going to need some TLC. Had a blatant fuel delivery issue as fuel was pouring out of throttle body. Pulled apart and found lines going into fuel rail were disconnected and a couple other little things inside that lead me to believe someone had...
  8. Ander5Kru5e

    1998 challenger no spark issue

    A Challenger from 1998 with the twin 787 setup. Installed a used supposedly working mpem with DESS. I get two short beeps and one short, one long in advanced mode. All fuses checked including the ones behind Master switch. I have spark to the coils when checking with test light. Resistance test...
  9. Canadian Watchmaker

    2001 Challenger with twin Rotax engines?

    Hello, I am negotiating to buy a 2001 Challenger 1800. The owner is over 300 kilometres away, so I am asking a lot of questions before making the drive. He says the boat is driven by twin 160 hp Rotax engines - rebuilt 20 and 30 hours respectively. All my research shows that a 2001 Challenger...
  10. T

    1999 Challenger 1800 no spark both engines

    I have a 1999 Challenger 1800 with twin 787 engines. It was running fine when I winterized it and put it away for the winter. When I took it out of storage it would not start. I was not getting spark to either engine. I am getting 2 beeps when connecting DESS and both starters turn. Checked...
  11. J

    Which Garmin Transducer and Location for Garmin 53DV ChartPlotter / Sonar

    Looking to install a Garmin 53 DV Chartplotter / Sonar in a 2001 Challenger 1800. The Garmin 53 DV comes with a GT-22 Transducer. Want to do a Shoot Thru Hull install. Can I use the standard GT-22 Transducer or do I need a P72 ? The GT-22 is a Transom Mount, has anyone glued one of these...
  12. T

    Hi, looking for help. 99 seadoo challenger 1800

    I received a 99 challenger seadoo 1800 that has not been winterized for 3 years, had oil and gas still in it and has just been sitting still outside for years. I have new batteries and hAve no clue what to do next and little to no knowledge about boats. When I try to start it the motors just...
  13. N

    Need new carburetors for my 1998 Challanger 1800

    ]I have a beautiful 1998 Challenger 1800 it is sharp the engines have been completely rebuilt and are very crisp. I had to have the carburetors rebuilt and we ran into problems the bodies on the carburetors are shot and they're being told that I need new ones. Sea-Doo is discontinued the carbs...
  14. V

    1997 Challenger 1800 making Loaud noise from Fuse Box-Selliod or Distributor?

    I have a 1997 Challenger 1800 that I've had for 8 years. Just got it out of climate controlled storage, dropped in recharged battery, put on DSS, got the beep that all was good to fire-up and then Loud Clicking/knocking sounds coming from Main fuse-box in engine compartment. Removed the cover...
  15. B

    99 SeaDoo Challenger 1800 Continous Beeping

    I recently put a new top end in one of the engines of my 99 SeaDoo Challenger 1800. I took it out this weekend to break in the new top end (first time taking the boat out). Toward the end of the ride there was a loud continuous beeping sound. I didn't know what this was but I saw the fuel switch...
  16. Arkbillsfan

    I'm needing a cover for a 98 challenger 1800

    Wanting to buy a gently used cover for a 98 challenger 1800. Must be only for challenger. Thanks guys/gals
  17. T

    787's / Challenger 1800 - missing RPM range - FUEL problem

    Hi everyone: I have a Challenger 1800 with twin ROTAX 787's and I'm running into a problem were i'm missing the RPM range between 1500 & 4000 on one engine only. Symptoms are as follows: WHEN COLD - Engine starts and idles fine at around 1500 - if i increase throttle it slowly creeps...
  18. Arkbillsfan

    98 challenger 1800 hard start....HELPq

    Hey guys, this is my first post. We have a 98 challenger 1800 dual 787 and have had problems with the starboard engine since we bought it 2 yrs ago. (1) We have had the base gasket replaced 2 yrs in a row. (2) when I go to get out of the hole the starboard side goes to 5000 rpm and I drop the...
  19. G

    Newbie from Edinboro, Pennsylvania

    Greetings all... Stumbled upon this wonderful site, searching for the right products to maintain an older boat. Thank you to everyone for making this place happen. I'm sure that'll be hearing from me soon enough. Take care!
  20. A

    Australian SeaDoo 1800 Rebuild/Restore

    First of all G'day, Love the Forum! Its already been a big help and inspiration. Bought the hull with water damaged engines for what feels like way too much but remember stuff down here coast more. Pictures speak louder than words with things like this.