carb 787

  1. James_bond12

    screw for carb check valve 96 XP

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody knows what size the screw is that holds the check valve on my 96 XP's carb (picture from the parts catalog attached). I tried taking it out but it rusted to the little block and it ended up getting stripped so I don't want to reuse it.
  2. Gdgough12

    97 Seadoo XP Carb... HELP ME FID THIS PART

    Anyone know where I can find this part for my carb!? Or a part #!?!? I was testing all of my injection ports and this one is dead I guess. Nothing will flow through it.
  3. B

    1997 GTX 787 WOT at Startup

    Hello, This site has been extremely helpful and I am grateful for everything everyone has shared with me thus far. I wanted to address another issue that I am having with the carbs. Just a little history on the machine. I bought the machine with a rusted crank and have rebuilt the motor from...
  4. MATT467

    RESTO I want to convert my 1996 seadoo gti to fuel injection

    I have a 1996 seadoo GTI (has dual carbs) that is having fuel problems. I have rebuilt the carbs and replaced the fuel lines, I also bypassed the fuel selector. I plan on converting it to a fuel injected system. Has anyone done this before or know of a kit
  5. R

    help identify carb. xp 96

    recently bought a 96 xp and I plan to buy the kit to rebuild carb. but I do not know anything about these carb with 2 fuel pumps someone knows something about them The previous owner told me they were 44mm thank
  6. Arkbillsfan

    98 challenger 1800 hard start....HELPq

    Hey guys, this is my first post. We have a 98 challenger 1800 dual 787 and have had problems with the starboard engine since we bought it 2 yrs ago. (1) We have had the base gasket replaced 2 yrs in a row. (2) when I go to get out of the hole the starboard side goes to 5000 rpm and I drop the...
  7. S

    1st time carb cleaning - on 787

    I am about to embark on my 1st carb cleaning due to a possible clogged low speed passage. I have read many post on here and have experience cleaning small engine carbs (weedeaters up to 4-wheelers). The only problem is in the past I have completely torn down carbs and rebuilt them. From what I...
  8. moto17

    97 challenger carb mod

    I am going to put new carbs on my 97 challenger ,It has one 787 that I rebuilt and this year I hope to freshen it up even more.I would love to know any ones thoughts on either going with the stock Mikuni 40mm super BN carbs or setting it up with Hi Performance Super BNs that are 44mm . Would...