1. yourboylukey

    Seadoo gtx

    Hi All, I bought a 1993 Seadoo GTX as a little toy for the summer. I've had it out on the lake a handful of times, runs well and starts up fine. The steering is a little tighter than I expected. When I was cleaning it today I noticed these wires coming out the back by the propeller... Any...
  2. dan87951

    Making my own starter cables

    My positive and ground cables from my starter are rotted. I would like to make up new cables but don't know what lug sizes I need to buy. Does anyone know what lug size are needed? Thanks
  3. robman66

    sticky throttle and shift cables

    I am the happy new owner of a Seadoo jetboat !!! I bought a 2000 Challenger 2000 a few months ago, with the 240 EFI engine. Engine is clean and runs great (previous owner had it running on the hose for me). Hull is in nice shape. Colors are faded, but having it buffed and polished next...
  4. T

    Choke and Throttle Cables

    Ok, I'm also suffering from the old grey fuel lines. Thus far, I have changed out the fuel line, cleaned out the fuel selector valve, removed the old gas and cleaned out the tank, etc. This was enough to build up my confidence, so now I am going to go for the Carbs. I have a 1996 GSX...
  5. J

    Battery Cables - which are POS and NEG

    Hi, I help a friend with her 1999 Speedster SK, has 2 rotax engines. Had it winterized last fall - they took out battery. I put battery back in tray, secured it. Battery cut-off is in OFF postition. I have one thick Red cable - I hoooked it to Positive. I have two...
  6. 9

    !997 Seadoo XP Starting problems

    Hi i own a 1997 seadoo xp and every year there seems to be a new problem with it... AT the end of last season it woulndnt turnover and it sounded like a dead battery so we tried a couple different batteries and it still woulndnt start. Now when we try to start it it will beep when you attach...