buying advice

  1. N

    98 gsx in need of parts $

    I have a 98 gsx looking for the rear bumper trim it is (rear bumper trim (indigo) 291000866) can’t find wondering in someone has one laying around that’s just a part ski they would be willing to sell me one off of here’s ski for reference it is the blue one on the left
  2. R

    Buying advice challenger 180

    Hi All, First post. Great info on the forums so thanks to all for previous threads. I’m based in Toronto Canada and looking for a fun family boat with some space when in-laws/friends visit too. Think I’ve settled on the challenger 180. Right size and 2005+ looks a little more refined (than...
  3. Matthewmckinney85

    Buying question 2007 seadoo RXT

    Hello all, I am looking to buy a 2007 seadoo RXT from somebody. It runs well and appears to be problem free with one exception. The problem is water in the gauge cluster. I have seen on previous forum posts that this may be a common problem with the model. My question is, should this prevent me...
  4. skidmarks

    I need some advice, OPINIONS NEEDED! Help!

    Hi everybody, I posted here a few years ago when I was first looking to buy a Sea-Doo. I ended up getting a pretty good deal on a 2012 GTI 130. The condition is a 6.5/10 with 160 hours on it. Right now I am looking at a 2013 Wake 155 with 98 hours, perfect condition, listed for $8000. I bought...
  5. N

    1996 Seadoo XP problems

    I am looking at buying a 1996 Seadoo XP. The guy claims he had one of the reputable companies in my area do an inspection of the ski and said that it has throw a piston rod. My question is how much would it be to fix this issue? Is a whole rebuild required? Or just a top end rebuild? I have...
  6. dcjar

    Looking to buy 96 SPX. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    New poster here, I am currently in touch with a seller of a 1996 SPX. Is there anything in general I should be careful of? I will request compression specs and take it for a test drive on the water before buying it. What Psi should I be hoping for? Asking price is $1995 with trailer Ad...
  7. Molotok

    What is it Worth - Price Check Thread

    Hi! I have been searching to see if this forum had an official Price Check thread, to keep the spamming of these types of threads down, and didnt find one. I know im new, but, if the mods could please Sticky this thread, and direct all people asking "Whats it worth?" "Price check on XXX?" "How...
  8. J

    2004 seadoo sportster Le

    Hello, I am a newbie to this form and would greatly appreciate some advice, information, tips, etc. My neighbour of 30 years is selling a 2004 sportster Le. He is a good honest person and let me know that the compression is down 10% in the motor. He has had the boat for 5 years and...
  9. R

    Purchasing Advice, used, long storage seadoos

    I am new to the whole world of Seadoos. I have the opportunity to buy two 2002 gtx's for 4500. Is this a good price or too much. They are in great cosmetic condition. The only issue is that they have been in storage for several years. Probably three. The owner says that they don't start. Could...
  10. P

    ultra novice seeks utopia advice

    I just found this forum and glad I did. I've read some related posts, but could use additional advice. I'm a 1st time buyer and I'm looking at a 2005 Utopia 205 SE with apprx 40 hours for $15,500. I'm going to look at it / test drive this weekend. Dealer says its in showroom condition. What...