1. Shortrun

    triton aluminum trailer

    Can someone please take a photo of where the VIN is on your trailer? I don't want to see at actual VIN number so block that if you like. I just want to see the location. I know where they say the location is but I want to see. Thanks, if you can help.
  2. E

    97 Challenger front fuse panel problem. No power to bilge, fan, lights.

    Hello all, i am so close to getting this boat in the water. 1997 challenger, i have no power to bilge, fan, lights. All fuses are good, front compartment and rear. The 20A supply in the rear compartment is good and has 12v. Moving to the front fuse block. The red and black wire plug into...
  3. A

    Stripped Regulator Block Screw Insde Of Carb

    Title says it all, I was doing my first ever carb rebuild following qstorms guide and I stripped one of the regulator block screws and the other one is really rusted. No idea where to go from here. Should I use PB blaster on the rusted screw? What should I do to remove the stripped screw without...
  4. I

    What have I done?

    Ok, so most of you will probably be laughing here shortly, If you noticed my ID, yea I got one. Its a 97 GSX, actually felt like I stole one. I went to look at this thing off craigslist guy said marine mech told him it needed a new switch because it would`nt do anything. He had purchased a new...
  5. P

    1996 Seadoo Challanger --- block cracked --- need advice.

    Hello, I purchahesed a 96 Challenger from a friend of mine. I never ran the boat. He needed $$$ and it was cheap so I took it. Long story short, he took it to get running this week and was told the block was cracked. Gas and oil shooting out of the block. The mechanic told him he needs a...
  6. L

    WTB 787 Block for 96

    Looking for a 787 block as my upper and lower is shot. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks, Jason 586-651-7258